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If you’ve just signed up to YouTube and are deciding what to watch, we’ve put together a list of the best YouTube streaming channels that we think are pretty good. If you have no idea what to watch, better start watching the videos, and you will know soon. Every YouTube streaming channel brings something new about music and is worth exploring.

Do not imagine that all these chains are managed by a single person. There are often several people working behind the same YouTube channel. Of course, there are some exceptions; for example, Joshua Hammerich known as Prodigyddk manages his stream himself. But it’s not always the case. You will find other very friendly channel owners with thousands of subscribers who take their video seriously. And when you check out Prodigyddk’s net worth, you’ll understand why. The thing is, the net worth of a prodigy player is something that many are envious of and want to know a Prodigyddk’s real name as well as the story of its success. So here are some other cool music YouTube streaming channels you should consider.

1. Dope Music, Inc.

Dope Music, Inc. are the guys who made the music video for Katy Perry’s Firework. The video has reached over 1.4 million views and the song ‘Dope’ has been on all iTunes Top 10 singles charts since its release.

2. The handle diary

The Fretboard Journal covers every possible aspect of guitar playing – from new and old techniques to tips for playing better. It also has great video tutorials and a few interviews. A very good guitar chain that is worth looking at.

3. Doped

Dopely presents the songs and videos of some of the groups of the group “I Don’t Care”. Some of these groups have a great reputation for their work and for their sound. If you liked Dope Music Inc., then you will also like Dopely.

4. ProTools Sessions

ProTools Sessions is like the official Pro Tools video tutorial channel. They feature many great musicians and producers, and they teach you how to use Pro Tools. We’ve watched a few Pro Tools tutorials, and they’re pretty good. Kind of like YouTube Guitar School in many ways.

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5. YouTube Drummer – John Petrucci

YouTube Drummer has a great selection of videos and offers a variety of drumming techniques, from beginner to advanced. Lots of tutorials, tips and tricks to help you become a better drummer. Some excellent drummers have also contributed to the site.

6. YouTube Drummer – Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson is the drummer for the American band The Black Crowes. If you like hard rock or blues drums, then check out his channel.

7. Guitar-Guru-Nu-School

This is another channel with a good selection of videos. The videos feature great musicians and great guitar playing. It is worth watching.

8. Sound on Sound

Sound On Sound is a fantastic audio equipment site. They have hundreds of videos to watch and if you need advice on amps, effects pedals or microphones you should check out Sound On Sound.

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