Which 90s Teen Rom-Com character are you based on your zodiac sign?


The 90s offer a treasure trove of teen movies. Of all the offerings, however, few are actually romantic comedies. There are boyfriend comedies and coming-of-age stories like american pie, tragedies like Romeo + Juliet, and even horror remakes like Faculty.

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’90s teen romantic comedies include Clueless, 10 things I hate about you, and Drive me crazy. They have very defined character types that make it easy for the public to identify with their zodiac signs.

Aries: Dear (no idea)

no idea 1995 alicia silverstone dear shopping

Aries are passionate people, and although Distraught isn’t applicable to all 90s teens, Cher is certainly a good reflection of an Aries. At first, Cher is mostly passionate about having fun with her friends and looking good while doing it, but she grows up a lot over the course of the film.


The sign of Aries is also known to be impulsive. Cher certainly has that trait too. She immediately decides to take Tai as a project without knowing anything about her. Expensive too and guess she knows who to put her teachers and friends with to improve their love life. She’s bubbly and sweet, but she’s also passionate and impulsive.

Taurus: Preston (Can’t wait)

Amanda and Preston smile in the middle of a party in Can't Hardly Wait

Taurus is the most stubborn of signs. They tend to stick to a routine, and it takes a lot to get them out of their comfort zone. When it comes to ’90s teen romantic comedies, Preston is a prime example. He spends all high school yearning for a girl and only decides to tell her how he feels once their life changes and he may never see her again.

Of course, Preston also shows his stubborn commitment to telling Amanda how he feels as he spends the night trying to send her a letter. Once he’s made up his mind on something, there’s no going back.

Gemini: Tai (no idea)

Gemini have a reputation for being fickle, but the truth is, they’re good at adapting to new situations and going through bad ones. Tai is a prime example of Gemini in Distraught.

She’s a brand new student at the school Cher and Dionne attend, and she’s clearly out of her element. Tai embraces Cher and Dionne’s makeover, fully immerses herself in Cher’s group of friends, but also fits in really well with the kids who aren’t in them. After she and Cher have an argument, Tai also quickly apologizes and drops the argument, thereby proving that she is a Gemini.

Cancer: Kenny (can’t wait)

Kenny in front of a row of soaps in the bathroom in Can't Hardly Wait

Cancers are one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac. Unlike Pisces, however, who are more than willing to share their feelings, Cancers try to keep them hidden while going out and making friends with everyone. I can hardly wait Kenny is definitely a Cancer.

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Although he tried to transform himself into a whole new person in high school, clearly he has the same heart and misses the people he used to hang out with. That’s why he and Denise can reconnect in the bathroom they’re stuck in at the big party.

Leo: Zack (she’s all that)

She's all that Zack ending

There is no doubt that She is all that‘s Zack loves it when all eyes are on him; it’s Mr. Popular. While he can appreciate the quieter moments and admit he feels immense pressure, there’s no denying that he’s still the Leo in love with the spotlight.

Leos are very loyal friends, but they are also the life of the party – the lovely person everyone wants to be with. Zack definitely has that charm, and it’s enough to convince Laney Boggs to allow herself a movie makeover moment thanks to her sister. Having to pay off the outcome of a bet while browsing through the graduation ceremony naked doesn’t even faze him either.

Virgo: Josie (Never been kissed)

Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed.

Josie is one of the few characters at the center of a ’90s teen romantic comedy who isn’t actually a teenage girl. In reality, it is a writer sent undercover in a high school. Josie is absolutely the embodiment of a Virgo as she tries to plan everything perfectly about her secret experience, but her plans don’t exactly work out.

Virgos love structure. They like to plan things, set goals, and check their accomplishments on a list. Josie is forced to relax a bit to adjust to the teens, but she still exhibits the nurturing traits of a Virgo “mum friend” as she continues to try to help the teens around her. .

Libra: Chase (Drive me crazy)

Nicole and Chase look at each other in Drive Me Crazy

Libras are known as zodiac peacemakers. They are the sign that allows the border between two groups to be straddled and to understand the two points of view. Chase, both the underdog and Nicole’s suddenly popular boyfriend in Drive me crazy, that’s just it.

While the latter is initially an act, that doesn’t change the fact that Chase is able to slip easily into both groups of friends, understanding the “other side” of the social divide better than he had. foreseen.

Scorpio: Kat (10 things I hate about you)

Kat and Joey in English lessons in 10 Things I Hate About You

Scorpios are often cast for villainous roles in pop culture because they’re the kind of people who know exactly what they want and won’t let anything stop them from pursuing. This aggressive approach to finding what makes them happy, however, is not a bad thing, as Kat demonstrates in 10 things I hate about you.

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Kat knows exactly who she is and has no problem being an outcast as long as she is happy with herself. Of course, this means that she sometimes exhibits another trait of Scorpio: hiding from others as she would rather avoid hurting herself than to open up. It is only when Patrick gets under her skin that she succeeds.

Sagittarius: chastity (10 things I hate about you) and Katie (she’s all that)

A split image shows Gabrielle Union as Chastity in 10 Things I Hate About You and as Katie in She's All That

Gabrielle Union is the unsung hero of teen movies from the late 90s and early 2000s, and she isn’t even the protagonist. She was, however, cataloged as the supporting best friend role, and this character often has the makings of a Sagittarius.

In 10 things I hate about you, Chastity wants to break free from Bianca’s shadow, and she finally gets it. In She is all that, Katie is one of the few characters in the popular crowd who tells it like it is without worrying about pushbacks from friends. This straightforward honesty and this desire not to respond to anyone else are both very Sagittarius traits.

Capricorn: Nicole (Drive me crazy)

In Drive me crazy, Nicole has goals. She is almost as much of a perfectionist planner as a Virgo. However, his motivation and constant need to work on a project is pure Capricorn.

Nicole is one of the most popular students at school, tasked with planning the big ball, and the one looking for her neighbor to help make her ex jealous. She wants everything to go well, but doesn’t count on the fact that she will fall for the neighbor with whom she was friends.

Aquarius: Laney (she’s all that)

Rachel Leigh Cook in She's All That

Aquarius is the rebellious zodiac sign. They often go their own way, sometimes more difficult, instead of the one everyone expects from them. They also tend to put all of their support behind some of the things that are most important to them.

For Laney, it is his art. She throws herself into her passion as she mourns her lost mother. She also doesn’t exactly embrace all the typical teenage things characters she meets do, although she is the subject of. She is all thatthe makeover of the film. Laney is able to stay true to herself while joining the popular crowd.

Pisces: Patrick (10 things I hate about you)

Patrick raising his hands in 10 things I hate about you

Like Cancers, Pisces are very emotional zodiac signs. They are in touch with their own feelings and generally very attentive to others. They are often known as the wisest of the zodiac signs, which is why Patrick is such a good choice.

Although he is seen as the bad boy in 10 things I hate about you it is really misunderstood. He spends time away from school looking after a grandparent, really sees how great a person Kat is, and he comes up with a very artistic way to apologize to Kat – gift her the guitar. that she ogled. Emotional maturity, empathy, and creativity are all signs of a Pisces.

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