Where is my last day of school?


Convinced that I look like an owl (wise and sleep deprived) in graduation badges, I settled in for my virtual graduation ceremony.

I scrolled through the attendees to get a glimpse of who I shared a classroom with, before changing the layout to fit my best friends into one frame. It was a chore, but hey, I had the prettiest faces on my screen.

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The next hour and a half was full of nostalgia, but there was still room for motivation and zeal. In the end, by sending virtual applause emoji, we were done with our “school life”.

However, a few months after the farewells were officially said, reality suddenly hit me when I saw the juniors getting ready for school. I realized there were no more uniforms, no more heavy backpacks and no more strict hairstyling rules – I could finally show off my hair and no one would be bothered.

Unsurprisingly, my friends and I failed to carry out all of the plans that were made over the past two years at school. On top of that, we also lost the opportunity to take school trips. Whether it was sleepovers or a trip to Sylhet, unfortunately none of them came to fruition.

The average human being spends around 15 to 16 years in school. The transition from school to university is important. A very big one. It is a transformation that must be celebrated and cherished. But we have the impression that we lacked the necessary closure to appreciate these new beginnings.

We never had this “cinematic separation”. Growing up, we anticipated the day when we would all take flight and find our place in the world. It’s sad to think that we may never see familiar faces again and that we never had the big farewell we all had planned for each other.

It doesn’t matter who moved and who stayed behind. We will no longer be sharing the same classroom. Now that the schools have reopened, the classroom chairs and cafeteria benches will no longer sit empty, but we will no longer be part of them.

The books in the library can be cleaned, the dust removed, but not the traces we left there, can it? We must have had an impact; we must have left a mark.

I remember walking down the hall with my friend discussing the planned but spontaneous school closure in March 2020. I had no idea that the day I left campus for a “two week closure” would become casually on the last day to attend classes in this setting. roof.

The reopening of schools can be a joyous occasion for many, but it also brings a wave of resentment for those who have been deprived of the experience of a separate “last day of school”.

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