What we know about Barron Trump’s new school



During his father’s tenure in the Oval Office, Barron Trump attended St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, a private academy in Potomac, Maryland. The school caters for preschoolers through high school, so Barron was able to move straight from middle school to his freshman year, and his freshman credits will likely transfer to his education at Oxbridge.

At Oxbridge, Barron will have to follow a course load English, math, science and social studies courses, and will choose from Spanish, French, Chinese or American sign language for language requirement. After school, Barron can choose from a number of activities, ranging from clever (National Honor Society, Model UN) to just plain fun (Ukulele and Guitar Club, Rock Paper Scissors League).

While the admission process to Oxbridge is quite rigorous – applicants must submit a student declaration, three years of transcripts, and recommendations from their current math and English teachers – it would have been surprising if Barron hadn’t has not succeeded. Oxbridge was founded by William I. Koch, a member of the influential Koch family. As Charles and the late David Koch criticized Trump during his administration, Brother Bill stood alongside the president, hosting a huge fundraising dinner in 2020 for the re-election campaign (via Politics). But the other brothers are still staunch conservatives united in their efforts to block the proposed expansion of voters’ rights, which would limit secret so-called ‘black money’ political donations from billionaires like them (via The New Yorker).


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