Watch This Musician Create Djent On Demand Using Drum Triggers

As we know, Djent is a sensitive subject. We understand that. But honestly, who cares when you can become a one-man metal machine using drum triggers? ! That’s what the drummer Shawn Lightning Of the band Sungazer did it, and we have to admit: it’s pretty awesome. Not only that, it can also put guitarists out of work if it ever leaks into the mainstream (not so brilliant, but still, you gotta see that).

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By applying triggers to the snare, kick, and hats of a standard drum set, Crowder was able to recreate the signature djent sound with a flick of the wrists (again, sorry guitarists). “One of the characteristics of the djent,” he notes in the video, “is that guitar and drums are often locked together in unison rhythms,” and this very stylistic synergy between guitar and drums percussion is what makes using drum triggers so appealing. would be djent-ers.

Now, we have to give you a warning: there’s a lot of tech jargon here that can fly over the heads of non-musicians. That said, the intellectual craftsmanship showcased here is on another level, and seeing the music not only used in the studio, but also live, as can be seen towards the end of the video. If you’re a fan of learning how things work, this will absolutely send you on a journey!

By the way, if you’re still wondering what djent is, you should check out this recent video of the Italian guitarist (which we can safely assume is not using drum triggers) Andrea Boma Boccarusso. In his mini tutorial/history, The history of metal, boma analyzes all styles of metal, and discusses new and developing trends, such as djent, which he describes as an avant-garde variation of progressive metal.

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