Watch Ichika Nito shred a Casio DG-20 and give us a glimpse into what could have been an alternate future for the guitar

In the 1980s, the future probably seemed full of great possibilities. For the average 80s citizen, those prospects likely included flying cars, hoverboards, self-cleaning clothes, and even moon vacations.

Although the reality was somewhat disappointing, progress in guitar and equipment development was a bit more promising. With this in mind, Japanese virtuoso Ichika Nito has released his latest video, which sees him playing a Casio DG-20 guitar synth.

It’s an instrument that admittedly looks more like a futuristic spaceship than a stringed instrument, and maybe that’s why Ichika chose it for his “That’s How the 1980s Thought” skit. that the future guitar would be”.

Now, the only catch to this theory is that the Casio DG-20 actually existed in 1987, like many other guitar synths, but don’t let those technical details distract you from the level of technical proficiency displayed here: we don’t. don’t do. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a synth guitar used this way. Also, the video here is reversed, but that just adds to the alternate reality vibe.

Fair play on synth guitar, it follows Ichika’s noodle, with the headless, fretless machine hosting just about every trick in the player’s vast arsenal of techniques.

This isn’t the first time Ichika has used the Casio DG-20, mind you. Earlier this year, he took it for a 30-second spin, during which he again pushed the limits of what synth guitars are capable of.

It’s not the only quirky instrument he encountered during his time on YouTube, either. He also experienced an Artiphon Instrument 1 – a similarly styled creation that ditched the body, headstock and even strings in favor of an all-digital playing experience. Safe to say he conquered that one too.

While there might not be anything too futuristic about the Casio DG-20, there is definitely something alien about Ichika’s skills. Even with everyone’s wild speculation since the ’80s about what the future holds, we can’t imagine anyone could have seen Ichika’s style of play coming.

The moral of the story is that Ichika can make anything sound good. Heck, give him a matchbox strung with rubber bands and he’d probably compose a masterpiece. That said, he probably already has that video queued up in the content schedule.

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