Tyler Hubbard Reveals His Five ‘Beginner Songwriting Tips’ | New

Before Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard became a country radio staple and world-class performer, he made a name for himself within the Nashville songwriting community. Hubbard’s savvy wordplay and storytelling soul has cultivated an extensive catalog of cuts for some of country music’s biggest stars.

The critically acclaimed hitmaker recently hopped on TikTok to reveal his secret songwriting recipe and provide budding songwriters with some valuable advice. The step-by-step tutorial is supported by Hubbard’s latest release “Dancin’ In The Country”, a two-step bouncing jam.

Step 1: “When writing with others, be on time and try to bring at least one idea into the piece.”

2nd step: “Treat it like a 9 to 5…give it time and space.”

Step 3: “Don’t be afraid to be a little vulnerable, but do it because it’s fun. That should be fun!”

Step 4: “Keep a phone note of phrases, ideas, words…you never know when inspiration is coming.”

Step 5: Just start…really, like now.

Each helpful resource has been paired with in-studio footage of Hubbard performing each task. The singer has revealed the sheet music for his debut solo single, “5 Foot 9”, a video of him working diligently alongside colleagues, channeling his creative side behind the soundboard and recording.

Hubbard’s playbook has garnered more than 15.7,000 views on TikTok alone, and the music hopefuls expressed their appreciation for the professional advice in the comments section.

“Very good advice!! 🙏 🙏” said a follower. “Thank you my friend. I really needed it!” added another.

The Georgia native has already embarked on a solo career, following his successful run with Florida Georgia Line. Artist EMI Records Nashville recently released his highly anticipated six-song collection, “Dancin’ In The Country.”

Hubbard co-wrote the title track with the mighty Keith Urban, frequent collaborator Jon Nite and Ross Copperman. Hubbard mentioned that the bouncy banger is an anthem explicitly designed for lounge dance parties with family and friends.

“It’s just a song that makes me smile. It makes me feel good. It makes me want to party. It makes me want to dance,” Hubbard said on TikTok. I was writing with Keith, and I just remember coming in and wanting to write something that felt good. I literally said, “We have dance parties with our kids every night after dinner and we want to write a song for the kids to dance to.”

The chart-topping musician continued to reflect on his experience in the writing room with the global icon.

“I’ll never forget watching Ross Copperman and Keith Urban just sitting there immersing in the guitar sounds, it was so much fun. Just watching them do their thing, and me and Jon sitting on the other corner from the streets trying to write lyrics to match that energy that they were creating. So the tempo is kind of unique for country and something that I’m just excited to play.

Hubbard and Ingrid Andress are set to join Urban on The Speed ​​of Now World Tour this fall as live support. The unmissable race will begin September 3 in Mountain View, Calif., and wrap up in early November. Tickets are available for purchase, here.

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