Trending TikTok Right Now: Fall 2022

There are 1 billion active users on TikTok.

And there are over 136.5 million users in the United States alone that you should consider engaging as part of your social media strategy.

Getting involved is easier said than done because trends come and go so quickly.

So how do you do it?

While the intuitive platform makes it easy for any user to create a video or go live, it’s hard to stand out with great content that really connects with your target audience.

The good news is that it’s easy to get inspired by TikTok’s creative hub for business, although it might take a good few hours to search for a 15-second clip that might work for you.

The bad news is that you don’t want to waste hours of your life on the app and get carried away with funny but nonsensical videos that don’t fit your brand identity.

Browsing through multiple hashtags can get overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the app.

Not to mention that TikTok periodically changes the features of its platform (like removing the Discover tab and trying the Friends tab), leaving social media marketers and ordinary users everywhere unhappy.

If you’re stuck on ideas and pressed for research time, we’ve got you covered with this article.

Because I spend an embarrassing time on TikTok, I’ve done the work for you and rounded up the top five trends for this fall and beyond.

Note: This list will be updated periodically, so keep it in your favorites for the five latest trends in the USA at their peak.

Trend #1: It’s corn!

This trend involves associating what becomes known as the “It’s Corn” sound clip with something you (or your brand) love, using text to list the things you love about it.

You can use it to show your brand: an icon, a product or an activity.

Check out this example of branded use of this trend using a writing instrument.

Trend #2: Cool Kids (accelerated version)

This trend revolves around a high-pitched version of the popular Echosmith song, where creators show off unusual (but interesting and ambitious) DIY hacks or nostalgic finds.

This hugely popular audio clip works for any behind-the-scenes insight into your everyday life, from recipes to tutorials and improvement videos – as long as it has that quirky, branch vibe.

It’s also frequently paired with the text “younger me would lose her SPIRIT if she saw what I looked like today”, which could be fantastic for beauty brands and the like.

Trend #3: I put a spell on you

This TikTok trend is back! This one involves showcasing your Halloween crafts or tricks (and treats) in preparation for Halloween on the soundtrack of “I Put A Spell On You” from Working with Lemons.

(Fun fact: Working with Lemons is an American musical family based in Utah.)

This wizard sound clip can help you showcase your brand by preparing creative spooky decorations and costume ideas.

Text-to-speech or plain text both work.

To make it more fun for your viewers, if you’re doing a Halloween costume tutorial, work on transitioning from plain clothes to a full Halloween makeover as the lyrics, “Hello, Salem!” rooms.

It’s also a great choice for local brands that offer a variety of specialty items you can make from scratch, including retail items like ceramics and dark-colored candles.

Trend #4: J’s lullaby

This trend involves creator storytelling using the whispered lullaby paired with a soft acoustic guitar that will warm the hearts of your viewers. They usually feature wedding-related activities or a love story, so it’s a good opportunity to show the emotional side of your brand.

It doesn’t have to be romantic either. Everything from particularly moving customer testimonials to your brand’s work in its community would fit in with this trending audio clip.

Being vulnerable can pay off and have more people linking to your brand, so go ahead and share a human interest story or a cause you’re 100% behind.

You can also use this clip for a story where you’ve created a nice surprise gift to thank your brand’s biggest fans or loyal customers.

Trend #5: Labor Day Weekend

It’s true: Labor Day weekend has come and gone in the United States

But we’ve included this trend anyway, because it could become repeatable or revived when everyone enjoys a long weekend.

This trend is to record and sync your Labor Day weekend activities to the lyrics of the song “Something Like That.” The opening lines of Tim McGraw’s hit work perfectly with the activity you want to present.

Many TikTokers have seen fit to pump their cars with gas and show off their location-specific family traditions.

Extra points if you show off BBQ spots while spending quality time with the family.

This should pair well with food and family brands.

That’s all for now when it comes to trends peaking this fall.

It can take a lot of trial and error (more time) to research what really works for your style, so if none of this works, we recommend going back to the drawing board and learning how to use TikTok search to track and grow your brand.

There are other ways to get noticed, like TikTok Pulse, which could also help your ads on the platform appear on a user’s For You page.

Finally, it never hurts to use TikTok Insights to get to know your audience better before planning your next live or non-live video with today’s trends.

Find inspiration among others who have uploaded under these themes and develop a creative short video that captures your identity.

Stay consistent and watch your followers grow over time. Good luck!

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