Top 10 anime that make us learn

Watching anime might not be considered one of the most educational activities, but a surprising amount can be learned from a number of anime. Many anime storylines are based on true events, which can be a great source for learning more about a subject that fans might not have thought interesting.

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There are so many anime available for the viewers which can teach them something about the world. It could be a show that inspires fans to learn more about their bodies and how they work. Some anime shows even teach fans how to make bread, how civilization was formed or about the medium of anime itself and how it is made.

ten Inspiring fans to choose an instrument (Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad)

Beck Koyuki plays guitar

14-year-old Yukio Tanaka lives an aimless life before saving a dog named Beck. After meeting the dog’s owner, he becomes inspired to learn to play the guitar. Now that he’s focused, Koyuki (that’s what his friends call him) begins to come out of his shell and enjoy life while playing in a rock band.

It’s not all smooth sailing, of course. However, seeing someone progress from knowing nothing about guitar to playing in a band can be inspirational for anyone to pick up an instrument and start playing.

9 Inspire fans to learn more about their bodies (cells at work)

Red blood cells check their map in cells at work

cells at work is an original and creative slice-of-life anime that features anthropomorphized cells and takes place inside a human body. The main characters are white and red blood cells, and cells at work follows them in their respective roles in the “city” that is the human body, fighting off foreign invaders like germs and viruses.

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Learning about human biology in such a fun and unique way can encourage fans to learn more about how their bodies work.

8 Remind fans to keep learning and chasing their dreams (The Wind Rises)

You don’t have to be interested in aircraft or engineering to appreciate or be inspired by The wind picks up. The Studio Ghibli movie centers on Jiro Horikoshi as he attempts to fulfill his dream of designing and building a fighter jet.

He originally wanted to be a pilot, but his myopia prevented him from becoming one. Jiro’s passion for his craft in the face of adversity can inspire any viewer to never stop learning and pursue their dreams.

7 Learn to make bread (Yakitake Japan!!!)

japanese yakitake bread

Bread lovers will appreciate Yakitake Japan!!!, a shonen anime that is about baking bread. While that might not sound like the most exciting premise, Yakitake Japan!!! does a great job of making the art of baking bread relevant and fun to watch.

This is largely due to the comedy segments and the colorful cast of characters. Some of the creations produced by the characters are sure to inspire fans to take up baking, or at least learn more about the craft.

6 Making fans want to know how anime is made (Shirobako)

shirobako making anime

Many people can watch cartoons but have no idea how they’re made, and there may be no better way to learn than watching. Shirobako. Shirobako is about 5 young women who are trying to forge a career in the anime industry.

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Along the way, fans watch the characters do their best in their respective fields, be it voice acting, animation, character design, or something else entirely. Watching Shirobako can make fans want to know more about this fantastic medium and how it works.

5 Motivating fans to learn to be teachers as well as students (The Royal Tutor)

royal tutor anime heine with books

The royal tutor is all about teaching and learning. The brilliant, petite Heine Wittgenstein is tasked with tutoring four princes to prepare them to succeed their father, the King of Grannzeich. The royal tutor follows Heine as he attempts to tutor the princes, who have spurned all of their former tutors.

The relationship between Heine and the princes, each with their own quirks, provides an interesting depiction of the teacher-student relationship. The royal tutor can motivate fans to learn to be teachers as well as students.

4 Encourage experimentation (Steins;Gate)

mugs;  banana gel holder okabe daru kurisu

Rintaro Okabe’s crazy experiences make him an outcast among his peers. The mad scientist, or so he calls himself, is obsessed with using a microwave to genetically modify bananas. His experiments led him to stumble upon a way to send messages to the past that can change the present, which opens the door to time travel.

Okabe’s unique approach to his work can encourage viewers to seek a different angle, think outside the box, and learn new ways of thinking.

3 Fostering an interest in Ainu culture (Golden Kamuy)

Anime Golden Kamuy Asirpa Cocked Bow Arrow

Golden Kamuy is set in Hokkaido in the early 1900s. The main character, Saichi Sugimoto, also known as “Sugimoto the Immortal”, is in search of a large amount of gold. The gold was hidden by a man somewhere in Hokkaido after he killed a group of Ainu and stole the gold.

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An Ainu character named Asirpa also pans for gold, as his father was one of the men killed. Golden Kamuy explores the Ainu language and culture, which may spark interest in the subject among curious viewers.

2 Encourage fans to learn more about the past (Dr Stone)

Dr Stone can encourage fans to go far back in human history to find out how civilization was born. It’s a different type of shonen anime, which focuses less on fighting and more on friendship and teamwork.

Set in the year 5738, the premise of Dr Stone is that a mysterious event (which happened in 2019) has turned humans around the world to stone. Thousands of years later, people are starting to wake up. It is now up to the main characters, Taiju Oki and his genius friend Senku Ishigami, to rebuild human civilization.

1 The True Cost of War (Barefoot Gen)

Barefoot generation tells the story of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. It focuses on Gen Nakaoka, a young boy trying to help his family in the aftermath of the bombing.

Seeing the horrific event from a child’s perspective can inspire fans to learn more about what happened on that tragic day and the lives of those affected. A sequel was released in 1986, set 3 years after the bombing.

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