The musical executive who signed Slipknot during the first audition of “Spit It Out”



The late Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison is recalled by Monte Conner, the musical director who signed Slipknot to Roadrunner Records in the 1990s, in an enlightening new tribute in Variety.

Jordison died last week (July 26) at the age of 46, as his family confirmed in a statement that did not specify a cause. Slipknot then shared his own remarks in honor of the founding member, as well as a tribute video covering his career. Other people who have worked with the masked metal band have also paid tribute to Conner, the former A&R chairman for Roadrunner, who remembers a pivotal moment when he first heard the classic ” Spit It Out ”from Slipknot.

Connor calls Jordison “one of the most talented musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Fans know him for his explosive and limitless style of drumming, but most don’t realize he was also a Gifted songwriter and arranger. and guitarist who understood the art of creating huge choruses and hooks. “

He continues, “Along with the band’s bassist Paul Gray (deceased 2010), Joey wrote the majority of the band’s music, with frontman Corey Taylor adding the unforgettable lyrics that would resonate and speak to the ‘Maggots’, like the Le The band called their fans. Percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan, the creative frontman of Slipknot and the author of the concept and image of the group, brought it all together. These songs had a musical impact far beyond the metal world; they have reached the masses and will live on as hymns for the ages. “

Explaining how Slipknot’s music reached him via radio-sourced channels in the band’s hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, Conner reveals how a successive series of Slipknot demos that were sent to him for review ultimately sparked ” Spit It Out “.

He remembers it as the “first track they wrote that contained all the elements that would ultimately define Slipknot and put them on the map: it was raw, bubbling, emotional, explosive, creative, throaty and beautiful… completely detached. of tradition. “

He adds, “It didn’t fit any genre of metal, but seemed to take the best elements from the entire metal palette and combine them all into a very unique multidimensional beast. And it was all driven by the founding of Joey’s over-the top, the manic battery. “

Of course, as diehard listeners are well aware, “Spit It Out” ended up as one of the singles from Slipknot’s self-titled debut album in 1999, released on Roadrunner.

Jordison was a “truly revolutionary character who will be sorely missed by metal fans around the world,” concludes Connor. “I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of his too short but seismic journey.”

Many musicians reacted to Jordison’s death. Here are 11 quotes from Joey Jordison to remember the drummer; also, see photos of him from his career.

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