The Ere Tenaci bar cover is half grip, half bar tape for gravel bikes

Ere Research bases its product development on an array of simple touch concepts, all of which end with the Latin suffix “-ere”. Sedere means “to sit”, Vincere means “to win”, etc. With rudimentary guiding principles, he designed basic equipment like saddles and wheels for manufacturers around the world.

Likewise, his latest entry is a simple idea with wide application. Tenere means “grab,” and Ere’s new handlebar tape and grips help gravel riders do just that.

The Swiss brand’s Tenaci gravel grips have a deep marking pattern and knuckle heads to help riders hold on to drop bars in tough conditions. Sticky polyurethane (PU) handlebar tape attaches with 3M adhesive.

ere research tenaci handlebar grips and handlebar tape

Ere says the Tenaci leads with a smooth finish, thanks to the extended chamfer flange of its Smooth Line wrap, and offers good all-weather grip thanks to the texture and shape of the cover.

The irregular grooves of the handlebar tape texture follow a pattern that Ere borrowed from dry riverbeds. So, the brand says, it wicks away moisture the same way. Articulating heads help riders bite.

Laminar Sheet handlebar tape uses a fused foam layer of PU and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) for a soft feel, especially if you’re riding without gloves.

It’s all about the Smooth Line envelope, specially shaped to limit bumps or wrinkles. Ere says the wrap should fit all handlebar shapes, including flared bars and extra-wide sizes.

before looking for tenaci grips

The entire Ere Tenaci kit includes bar plugs and finishing tape. You can install the handlebar grips yourself, using the instructions and this how-to video.

It comes in three colors (foam, black, and sand) at an MSRP of $39.

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