‘Stranger Things’ Makes Us Learn Metallica ‘Master of Puppets’

The stranger things Metallica’s bump to “Master of Puppets” continues to pump up demand for the ’80s metal classic in a variety of ways. Billboard reports that the educational music platform Yousician sees a massive jump in interest in learning to play the song.

Yousician offers tutorials for learning to play guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele. They say “user requests for (“Master of Puppets”) on his guitar tuning and songwriting platform, GuitarTuna Play, have increased 1,700% since July 1, making him the ‘most requested song addition of the month so far’. It seems Yousician wasn’t prepared for all of this, as the song isn’t even available on GuitarTuna Play yet. They say, however, that they will release it shortly.

Although the specific request for “Master of Puppets” seemed to have taken Yousician by surprise, the music site is well positioned to satisfy people learning to play all things Metallica. The music learning platform has “launched its first-ever series of partnerships, a kind of ‘Master Class’ for musicians” taught by a handful of artists, including Metallica. At the right time, for sure.

According to Billboard, “Yousician launched the ‘Metallica x Yousician’ collaboration in June, with three beginner-friendly lessons in which guitarists James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett teach users how to play their favorite Metallica songs while sharing behind-the-scenes stories about the group. career.”

There’s a clip of Hammett talking about the “beauty” of playing music in a promotional video for the Metallica class below.

“Master of Puppets” Season Finale Final Battle Soundtrack For Netflix stranger things created a resurgence for the song and boosted interest around the band and the show. “Puppets” skyrocketed up the Spotify Global chart, garnering a deluge of new fans and boosting interest in the show’s behind-the-scenes stars.

So will there be a ton of guitar recitals with “Master of Puppets” from music students in the next few months? We can only hope so.

Kirk Hammett for the Metallica x Yousician Music Couse

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