Spotlight: Point-Blank Tutorial – How to Add Punch to Your Drums with Logic Pro X’s Phat FX


In this tutorial, Point Blank shows how you can use Logic Pro X’s Phat FX to enhance a group of drum tracks, giving them more oomph and making them feel like they’ve all been recorded on the same desktop. in the same environment. .

Phat FX is a powerful “coloring” multi-effect designed primarily for use with drum, bass, and guitar parts, adding warmth, punch, and presence when needed. It can, of course, be used with any type of signal. Phat FX combines multiple effects processors, filters, and modulators into one flexible tool that can be used to quickly improve your projects.

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During the video, speaker PB Thomas Green uses a combination of Phat FX’s distortion parameters, including tube, grain, and driver, coupled with the plug-in’s built-in bandpass filter to add saturation. , equalization and piloting to the rhythm of the trap. He ends the tutorial by making sure his volume gains are adjusted, so that no clipping occurs.

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