Spitfire Audio releases a legacy

Spitfire Audio has published Heritage – The emotional set. That’s what they have to say about it…

From the mind, heart, and soul of acclaimed recording artist Keaton Henson comes a compositional toolkit of unique, modern notation sounds, tuned to enhance your sonic footprint with a beautiful human touch.

Heirloom features delicate strings, raw woods, inspiring piano and haunting guitars captured at London’s stunning Church Studios (Adele, The XX. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) This library was crafted with humanity in its DNA and the lingering human moments that bleed and seep into recorded musical performances. Inherently contemporary and perfect for emotive writing, this sound library is the aural equivalent of the worn seat of your dad’s favorite chair. Traces, marks and footprints left by those who may no longer be with us. Gone, but never forgotten.

Complex emotions made simple

Heirloom is perfectly placed to express emotions that are difficult to put into words, capturing the contemplation of complex existential feelings, the human condition and the passage of time.

The quality of the captured performances is pure and expansive in character, lending itself to enhanced emotive scoring. This expansive character provides endless inspiration, via sounds that will fit into any composer’s signature sonic palette and complement each other without overpowering.

Heirloom has a strong sense of home comfort, with an alluring familiarity that allows the composer to feel comfortable using the sounds in a stripped-down setting. Beautiful raw woods, delicate strings, inspiring piano, rich guitar tones and textures – all of these were selected by Keaton Henson to hone in on this humanity, the subtle artifacts of this type of recording.

This collection of sounds is the perfect starting point to start composing, or simply to add a new dimension to your sonic palette with inspiring and versatile new materials.

Write between notes

The unique beauty of this bookcase is found in its imperfections. It’s between the notes that you’ll feel those human moments that stop you in your tracks. The natural sounds of players and their instruments captured during a performance.

Capturing new and alternative expressive techniques creates a great foundation for this sound library, but Spitfire Audio has also expertly captured a selection of beautifully performed little moments that can be found in the studio section, including swells and the “chimes” (sounds similar to chimes). These targeted elements will make the compositions even more real and even more human.

Heirloom features 8 string players (3 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, 1 bass), woodwinds including a contrabass clarinet and tubax, a painfully beautiful piano (the beating heart of the library), and a guitar. All intimately recorded by the very talented Fiona Cruickshank in the atmospheric Church studios in London.

The set was kept small and recorded closely, never playing too loud. This allows the composer to achieve an emotionally epic sound, without losing the intimacy of playing.

Past Presence Future

All musicians know that recording studios are sacred spaces. The church is literally that, a beautiful, ancient place of worship in North London, whose stone walls and stained glass windows have echoed for 170 years with the sound of prayers and some of the greatest music ever made. To record at Church Studios today is to play a part in music history that has included Adele, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Florence + the Machine and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Now Keaton Henson (Supernova, Six Lethargies, plus 7 acclaimed solo albums) continues that lineage by acting as a medium between the decades of shared musicality there and Spitfire Audio – shaped through his own artistic lens and reverence for the beauty of imperfections. . And despite meticulous planning, thanks to the true nature of the collaboration, Heirloom ultimately surprised even its creators with its reality and versatility and will continue to do so – as it is woven in and out of stories for years to come.

What’s included

This piano has the perfect amount of character, like an old but loved and well cared for piano that sits in a parents house that you can’t help but play every time you pass by. It’s inspiring to play and incredibly real.

( Kept small and recorded up close and never playing too loud, so you can achieve emotionally epic sound, without ever losing the intimacy of the game.

The sounds range from truly authentic sounding guitar to more complex techniques that created rich, haunting pads and swells, all performed by Keaton on his Telecaster and re-amplified in the beautiful Church Studios.

Contrabass Clarinet
An achingly soft and beautiful double bass, with the perfect amount of breath without losing tone. a perfect deep bed to build from, or a soft section to play growling chords.

An incredibly warm, smoky, characterful Tubax, double bass in register, but with the tones and warmth of a saxophone) the subtle breaths captured, the gentle changes in pitch, and the louder dynamic, guttural growls and surly buzzes

Price and availability:
RRP: £249 / €299 / $299
Pre-Order / Promo Period (March 3, 2022 – March 31, 2022): £199 / €229 / $229

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