Spitfire Audio Launches Acoustic Guitar Toolkit

Spitfire Audio announced the availability of Fink-Signatures, described as an acoustic guitar toolkit with a signature sound full of character. That’s what they have to say about it…

Fink-Signatures was created in close collaboration with London and Berlin-based British DJ, singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist Fink, playing on three distinctive acoustic guitars, beautifully captured in microscopic detail at JRS (Jazzanova Recording Studio) upscale Berlin. ) with the finest vintage, state-of-the-art gear to deliver a range of classic and signature playing styles from delicate to hard-hitting (including drawn, pinched, muted, and thumbed one-shots, pristine harmonics, and more, complemented by a range of guitar- synced loops and hits with percussive tempo, soothing vocals and contemplative pads), carefully selected to inspire composers and songwriters, guitarists and non-guitarists alike, as an instantly playable collection that lends itself to a range of compositions from intimate indie scores to acoustic pop tunes and beyond, helpfully housed in easy-to-use AAX-, AU-, VST2- and VST3-compatible technology from UK-based music technology company ible, NKS (NATIVE KONTROL STANDARD®) ready plug-in that loads with smooth playability in all major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) without the need additional software.

As the name suggests, FINK – SIGNATURES features a range of core and extended techniques from the heart and mind of famed guitarist, producer, songwriter and artist Fink — Fin Greenall, who first made a name for himself as a DJ and producer signed to seminal house, hardcore and techno label Kickin’ Records in London’s Ladbroke Grove, subsequently signing with acclaimed London indie Ninja Tune, before developing his folk and blues-inspired sound guitar-based as a sought-after collaborator for various established artists, writing several critically acclaimed studio albums leading to numerous film and commercial placements, extensive world tours and, currently, his first foray into media music with a production work on a major game soundtrack – captured on three of his favorite movies’ “signature” guitars, each with their own distinctive sound. Think of it this way: Three different guitar protagonists feature in FINK – SIGNATURES, each with their own story — namely, BRADY, a 2004 Mal Brady Bouchier nylon acoustic with a rich, smooth tone; FESTY, a 2010 Martin D28 steel-string acoustic with a pop sound, referred to as the workhorse of the festival and Fink’s touring guitar; and ORWELL, a sweet 1984 Martin D35 steel-string acoustic guitar, which features prominently on his recent records. “Each guitar’s imperfections are what make them so special,” says the Cornwall-born musician himself, continuing, “Its wrinkles are battle scars, its tracks are trophies, and its rattles are its dialogue with the past. .”

Putting Fink’s personal perception into its rightful context within FINK – SIGNATURES, Spitfire Audio’s in-house composer Lucie Treacher begins by talking about ORWELL: a Martin D35, and was used extensively on the album Perfect Darkness by Fink. There are arpeggiated patterns that are recorded in DADGAD, so they have this nice dreamy quality, and each octave is, essentially, a different key. What I absolutely love about this library is the STRING SQUEAK FX – as always, if you click the button we can access our parameters, so between chords you get that nice creaky, squeaky string sound that you’d get on a guitar, which makes this sound super realistic. With the dynamic fader up, we go from a close mic signal to a re-amped signal using Fink’s signature vintage amp, creating a sort of of electric and moody feel. We could use these arpeggiated loops in a more unconventional way by piling up the loops to create unusual chords. What’s really cool about this library is that for each note we have three velocities and three round robins, so it’s pretty detailed sampling. Another feature of this library which is quite different is that we can change the starting point time; by selecting START POINT, I can select where I want the sample to start playing — at about 50% you can already hear how the start of the [Orwell Plucked Harmonics preset] the attack is cut off and the pitch changes completely; it becomes almost like an electric piano. Add some DELAY and turn up the REVERB — these parameters all give you tweaking possibilities.”

ORWELL has no less than 14 presets offering a range of techniques with varying tones to its remarkable name, while FESTY offers 13. “Fink’s festival work guitar is brighter with a more pop sound,” says Lucie Treacher, before picking up a particular favorite preset: “Festy Strummed 2 has a kind of 3/4 feel and those beautiful suspended chord notes. Every guitar has been sampled pretty much the same, so you have patches very similar. We also have these two chord fingers, which, if played at a slightly lower velocity, are more spread out.”

BRADY brings 11 more presets into play. “It’s Fink’s original nylon guitar, loaned out by luthier Mal Brady just to strap it on, but it’s still with him 20 years later,” Lucie Treacher reveals. “Having been on radio stations around the world, in studios and at the mercy of various baggage handlers, it’s still with us and it sounds rich and lovely. Obviously, being a nylon guitar, all of our joints at one beat are nice and soft. We also have our … drawn chords, and these can be used individually, so they are without the rhythm of the loops.

And as if that weren’t enough to keep you going, FINK – SIGNATURES also comes with seven PERCUSSION presets consisting of tempo-synced percussion loops played on BRADY, FESTY, and ORWELL, as well as percussive hits on various guitar cases, as well than trampling. “Kind of creaks and creaks using the palm of the hand across the body of the guitar and strumming above the nut that’s a really fun feature of the library,” notes Lucie Treacher. Needless to say, Spitfire Audio also sampled Fink’s “…crisp voice…” to create six VOICES presets that can be used as pads, as well as three dedicated PADS presets, including Electric Piano Pad, Harmonic Pad, and Sustained. Strings Pad, the latter having been created using a magnetic string resonator, and which are a wonderful complement to the basic guitars of FINK – SIGNATURES.

So it’s certainly fair to say that Spitfire Audio’s FINK – SIGNATURES succeeds in their musical mission of distilling instantly playable guitar performances from years of dedicated practice – from a seasoned professional with a distinctive style – to lend themselves to a range of compositions from intimate indie scores to acoustic pop tracks and beyond. Best of all, nine easily navigable controls – namely, expression, dynamics, REVERB, ATTACK, RELEASE, START POINT, CHORUS, STRING SQUEAK FX and DELAY – are central to this library’s implementation of the British company’s easy controls. of music technology specializing in sound. AAX, AU, VST2 and VST3 compatible, the NKS compatible plug-in offers many of those delicious “…diy opportunities…” to customize its sound like a definitive acoustic guitar toolbox with a human touch, full of character and sonic depth that is more than worthy of Lucie Treacher’s heartfelt summary: “This is a truly magnificent set of tools, made with much love and care.”

£49.00 GBP (VAT included)/$49.00 USD/49.00 €

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