Simple and effective ways to fuel your fighting spirit

Lifestyle expert Jamie Hess says New Year’s resolutions don’t usually stick, at least the stats prove it, but that’s often because they may be unreachable or often talk about something. something negative like I can’t eat that or any more chocolate and that may not be manageable in your life. Jamie says she’s focused on setting realistic goals and adding little things daily that help you live your best life.

Jamie says making better choices for you never goes out of style and as an ambassador for Del Monte I’m really excited about a program they’re doing that is really helping with those better choices for you available to everyone and that makes you feel good doing it. She says they have a program through the end of February called Choose Good, do good. All you do is purchase $15 worth of participating Del Monte products in one purchase. Then you go to their website at and you can redeem $5 for yourself or you can donate to Growing Great. Jamie says Growing Great is a nonprofit they’ve been supporting since 2019. They make healthy food options accessible to inner-city kids.

Gut health is another term you may have heard that is trending and you may be wondering what does it really mean? Jamie says that’s really important, so including a daily supplement with a probiotic in your daily repertoire is a great place to start. She says Jarrow Formulas is the most customer-favorite brand of probiotics on the market. They have a new line called Probiotic + Gummies. Jamie says they have two strains of probiotics that are scientifically proven to improve your digestion, immunity, and gut health.

Jamie says we’ve seen a lot of people during the time of the pandemic picking up a hobby or maybe learning to play an instrument and there’s actually scientific data that proves that learning an instrument can help improve your mood, your self-esteem, reduce anxiety and boost your Memory. Jamie says Guitar Center is a great place to learn an instrument and take those lessons. they have great teachers who are positive about the music. They make a personalized program for each student, regardless of age.

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