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Hi everyone! It’s me again, Simone, your host for The Daily – here to tell you all you need to know about what’s going on in Healdsburg today. I also want to say while I have you: I see all your emails full of advice, memories, reproaches and words of encouragement, and I appreciate them with all my heart, even though I am (very) slow to answer. You really are the best. Now, why did you come …

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Generally sunny and very pleasant. High: 74 Low: 51.

Here are the top 5 stories in Healdsburg today:

  1. We’re bringing you some more buzzkills from Sonoma County and Cal Fire officials after our big wet week. Storm “Brought us the rain we so badly needed”, says the county, “but not enough to break the drought! Our region needs 25 inches or more of precipitation this winter to catch up. We still need our community to save water for the drier months to come. ”And Cal Fire adds that we are“ not out of the woods ”when it comes to wildfire season, either. From the PD: “Cal Fire says the the risk of forest fires remains real and will be for the foreseeable future, in the absence of several other torrential rains which, so far, do not appear in the forecast. It’s still high season for the dry northerly winds that sweep the landscape and suck moisture from the forests and meadows.
  2. Healdsburg area landowners and realtors are at the heart of a new Business Journal report on what’s called a ‘Rural land buying boom’ powered by the work-from-home lifestyle of the COVID era. A local Sotheby’s agent said sales of rural land in our area were 25% higher so far in 2021, compared to 2020. This would be due in large part to the shift of technicians from the Bay Area to the north, now that they have more freedom from the office. An American Ag Credit assessor in Santa Rosa calls customers “so-called lifestyle buyers looking for a turnkey home to buy – with an area, a view and perhaps a small vineyard. He says “Affordability is not a concern for this group, even in this otherwise expensive market.” But now buyers in this category are armed with a new freedom to work remotely and maintain social distancing, which has further encouraged this migration. “(North Bay Business Journal)
  3. I just came across this obituary for Wallace Clair, Healdsburg High School graduate and longtime resident of Alexander Valley, who died this month at the age of 95. He looks like a hell of a guy. After serving as an “oiler, electrician and assistant engineer” in the merchant navy, Wallace reportedly returned home to be with his beloved and start his own earthmoving business. From his obituary: “Some of Wally’s most memorable jobs included building roads and platforms for Union Oil at the Geysers geothermal power station, assemble the dam at Memorial Beach every year and install the summer bridges in Asti and Forestville. Self-proclaimed Clark Gable lookalike, Wally loved to entertain those around him with stories and teach songs (often inappropriate for children) to his grandchildren. He enjoyed watching old westerns, duck hunting, fishing and deer hunting at his homestead on Pine Flat Road. ” A celebration of his life will take place the following weekend at Alexander Valley Hall. (
  4. In a colorful local sports story, the Petaluma hometown newspaper says his high school football team, the Saint-Vincent High School Mustangs Must “Watch Out For Dogs” In Their Next Game this Friday, on the way to the championships. “On paper, this shouldn’t be a problem for Mustangs,” reports the Petaluma Argus-Courier. “They are 6-1 this season, while Healdsburg are 3-4 and have lost both of their league games. But the game is not played on paper, but at Recreation Park, one of the most historic recreation facilities in the Redwood Empire. Many of the very favored teams in the Petaluma area, including Petaluma and Casa Grande, boldly entered the Greyhounds’ kennel to leave the city sadder but wiser. ”(Petaluma Argus Courier)
  5. We’re a few weeks behind the Healdsburg Police Newspapers! here is a sampling of incident reports between October 11 and 24: Someone saw “driving erratically and stopping at green lights for long periods of time” on Healdsburg Avenue near Matheson; a customer who allegedly “changed a price tag to make an item $ 12 cheaper” at a local business; a woman in a wheelchair “urinate, throw garbage and light objects on fire, including candles, papers, matches, cigarettes and a joint of marijuana “in a downtown parklet; a 10-year-old gum thief on Powell Avenue; a Grove Street girl, angry with her mother for taking her phone and laptop, allegedly hit her mother with keys and allegedly drove off his car; a guy who reported the theft of his van truck on Vine Street, then when the cops located him on Kinley, “Noticed that $ 500 of chips was stolen from the truck”; quite a few domestic troubles; some hit and run; and more. (SoCoNews Healdsburg & SoCoNews Healdsburg)

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Photo of the day in Healdsburg:

Ron Keeley, a Healdsburg resident and prolific photographer, took this photo Monday of the swollen Russian River while “looking north from the Healdsburg Motor Bridge” toward Fitch Mountain. (Photo courtesy of Ron Keeley)

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Today in Healdsburg:

  • Misty River Farm Pumpkin Patch Open on Eastside Road (Oct 28-31, 10 am-4pm)
  • “Reach home” Ribbon cutting of the navigation center at the Victory Apartments in Healdsburg (4:00 p.m.)
  • Healdsburg Running Company Thursday night costume race With the team at the Trailhouse Santa Rosa (6 p.m.)
  • Healdsburg School District Spanish Information session: Presentación del Doctor Sobre la COVID Para los Niños Vacuna (6-7: 30)
  • Sonoma Marin Water Saving Partnership Webinar: Authorized gray water Systems (6 pm-7.30pm)

Healdsburg Notebook

  • For info, the The Healdsburg Library is closed today, as well as all the other libraries in the county. (Sonoma County Library)
  • An “ofrenda and art exhibition” for Día de los Muertos has just been installed in the library of Healdsburg Junior High School. Starting today, junior high school children are encouraged to bring “photos or mementos of deceased loved ones to display on the ofrenda.” (Facebook)
  • The best place for vegetarian and vegan food in Healdsburg is the “Taste of Tea” Japanese restaurant and tearoom on North Street, one block from the square, according to Sonoma Mag. “The Miso Ramen, ideal for cold fall days, is a signature dish. The vegan version offers varying depths of flavor and textures ranging from light broth to miso kombu, mild tofu, chewy noodles, bamboo shoots, green onions and sprouts. “(Sonoma Magazine)
  • The The South Petaluma Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue Organization, who is currently caring for five black bear cubs evacuated from large fires elsewhere in NorCal – as well as a few mountain lions caught wandering in urban areas of Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa – is looking for a winter intern. Some volunteers too! (Constant contact)
  • Did you know you can search for your house in Healdsburg using the Sonoma County Library website? Here is a video tutorial. (Youtube)
  • You can also visit the Healdsburg Museum for further assistance. “Two weekends in a row, we helped Julie Seghesio Neumiller search for the Victorian Dry Creek home that has been in her family since the 1950s,” the museum recently published. “Grandchildren Maren and Tobias had their own questions: How many children lived in the house? (FIVE) Did they raise chickens? (YES) Where did they go to school? (HAMILTON SCHOOL). “(Facebook)
  • A nice old guitar would have been stolen from the front display at Antique Harvest on Healdsburg Avenue. Here’s who to call “if you’ve seen it or know anything about it.” (Patch Neighbor Posts)
  • Also: A guy who says his the car slid sideways in front of the Wurst restaurant hopes neighbors will watch for “a damaged blue Hyundai on the driver’s side”. (Correct neighboring messages)

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