Phocust Elevates Souls on Latest EP, “Pneuma”

Phocust exposes his inner strengths and shares a four-track experience with the pneuma EP on Circus Records!

Phocustus has made it his mission to break into new realms of dance music and tap into what he calls the “divine frequencies around us.” It hits a slew of frequencies with past EP releases, such as the KING PE to Sub-Carbon and Entheos to Drama club recordings, in addition to countless singles in his discography. Phocust’s new four-track EP, pneumawhich is now available Circus discs, takes listeners on a short but deep sonic journey. This EP is structured to elevate listeners’ vibrations, with each track having its own influence that elevates the listening experience.

The distribution of tracks out of this EP has been precise to increase the healing potential. The first excerpt, “digital love“, puts an electrifying bug in your ears with the catchy hook on “how we can be anything”. This track contains these new sounds that stay true to the love that his tracks exude. piano melody that builds behind the catchy hook, uplifting vocals and signature sine waves carry a simple bass melody that rocks the speakers.

Following that solid departing track, he released “Ship” with Ipsiom in a month, giving listeners a taste of the full spiritual experience that Phocust is aiming for. It starts with a familiar melodic piano that captures you in a sonic wave of dubs and showcases the development of exciting new mixes as you break free. Ipsiom brings its frequencies to the track bringing a gritty bounce that sends you flying, and a descending piano that sends you out of this reality.

Phocust kept track”Other side“, which includes Joe Garratt, near his chest when this EP was released. This track brings unreal vocal stems that take their track to a whole new dimension on the other side of what music can achieve. These two together have created a track that opens your mind, the heavier guitar carries those vocal stems to a powerful bass line getting an ear full of inspiring synths.

He also waited to come out”Burdenswhich has high vibrational lyrics about not invading us anymore and uplifting souls to become free as the weight on everyone’s shoulders is ready to be released. Synthetic beats energize listeners with a cinematic soundtrack to conquer their own world. Fast, upbeat bass and hyper drop heighten the feelings Phocust pours into his tracks.

By releasing the two singles a month apart and creating a familiarity but harsh contrast between them, it built anticipation for what he held close to his chest; two more stunning tracks that touch on many different sound techniques.

With this project, I pray that the music and sounds will uplift and heal your soul. May they help you to live again through a new encounter with the Spirit.

– Phocustus

Phocust is constantly exploring new areas as a sound storyteller to bring new fables and new encounters to his listeners. So breathe and listen pneuma on your favorite streaming platform and let us know how you feel when you’re done!

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Phocuste – pneuma PE – List of tracks:

  1. Ship ft. Ipsiom
  2. Other side ft. Joe Garratt
  3. digital love
  4. Burdens
Phocust - Pneuma EP
Phocust – Pneuma

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