PERSEFONE – Play guitar “Merkabah” in video streaming

In the video below, Persefone guitarists Carlos Lozano Quintanilla and Filipe Baldaia perform “Merkabah”, from their upcoming album Metanoia.

Andorra’s extreme progressive metal unit Persefone are back with the next single from their forthcoming album, metanoia, entering the final round before their long-awaited release this Friday.

The third single, “Architecture Of The I”, features sinister growls, high-pitched screams and technically precise riffs – creating dark walls of sound that alternate with quieter atmospheric parts underlined with electronic elements – once again highlighting value the band’s variety in one epic song. Highlighting this sonic opus is a haunting visualizer video that steps into another universe – just a glimpse of what’s to come with their new album metanoia.

The band states: “’Architecture Of The I’ represents one of metanoia’s most progressive songs. On this track, we really let the song come to life as we wrote, and because of that the listener will find a huge dynamic range in it from one of the fastest and heaviest riffs throughout the album, to some of the most introspective passages. This song was a challenge for us to write and perform, and we are sure it will also present a challenge for the listener to follow its particular rhythm and structure. Now it’s up to you to find the purpose of all those notes in the album. The great video was created by our guitarist Filipe and his partner K (DeadFlag Studios and Gráfica de Ferro).

Persefone is known for technical precision at its highest, and with its new single, “Katabasis” – released today alongside a stunning new music video created with support from SDADV – draw dramatic and cinematic soundscapes. mixed with electronic influences. The soft and clear voice of Marc Martins alternates with high-pitched growls and dark but dynamic riffs. This ride ties into the well-received debut single “Merkabah” and leaves you looking forward to Persefone’s next album, metanoia, which will be released on February 4th.

Persefone on “Katabasis”: “”Katabasis” stands as the opening track of the new album and marks an important event regarding the concept of metanoia, because it led us to the depths of being. This song features many elements that can be heard throughout the album, and we hope it will welcome the listener on the journey we want to offer with all this new music.

Persefone is known for his trademark rich soundscapes and technically precise workmanship, setting new standards in modern extreme progressive metal. Founded in 2001, Persefone has released five studio albums, each showcasing the band’s myriad musical principles: high technicality, distinct melodies, an abundance of head-turning riffs and musical acrobatics. The band have toured the world with notable artists like Obituary and Leprous, played major festivals like Wacken Open Air, Metal Days, Brutal Assault, ProgPower and 70,000 Tons of Metal, and are now ready to release their new album, metanoia!

Featuring collaborations with exceptional artists like Steffen Kummerer (Obscura, Thulcandra), Einar Solberg (Leprous), Angel Vivaldi and Merethe Soltvedt (Two Steps From Hell), metanoia harnesses the full potential of contrasts in every song, with every track telling a story. evolving from start to finish and continues to grow in strength – redefining typical musical boundaries. Mixed by David Castillo (Leprous, Soen, Opeth) and mastered by Tony Lindgren (Enslaved, Ihsahn, Sepultura), the new feature spans 10 songs, each seeming to glide seamlessly from one to the next.

metanoia kicks off with the opulent opener “Katabasis”, drawing dramatic and cinematic soundscapes mixed with electronic influences. Miguel Espinosa’s soft, clear voice alternates with high-pitched growls and pierces through ever-changing riffs. Persefone balances soft passages with intense sonic walls on tracks like “Aware of Being Watched” – in which clean vocals and jazzy sections alternate with intense riffs carried by dense drums – while a solid, rich sound takes orchestral dimensions on songs like “Leap of Faith”. Crisp and dynamic instrumentation, tempo and rhythm make up the intense ride “Merkabah”, showcasing the tougher yet more vulnerable sides of the band as screams and blast beats are followed by soft instrumentation – covering the intensity of the song to its maximum. A special surprise is the 11-minute masterpiece “Consciousness Pt III”, which continues a series of songs from the band’s fourth album, Spiritual Migration (2013). The album ends with another opulent set of songs, “Anabasis Part I”, “Anabasis Part II” and “Anabasis Part III”. “Anabasis Part I” begins with quiet, dreamy piano sounds, drifting into the intense “Anabasis Part II” and seamlessly leading into “Anabasis Part III”, gently closing the album with a cinematic release.

Persefone on the new album: “Metanoia is the next step in our personal quest for existential growth through music. This album is a call for profound change, a call for an inner journey through fear and pain, a call for a leap into a meaningful and rooted place. The making of this album forced us to face many musical and personal obstacles and fears, and the result of this confrontation lives in all the notes and words captured in this new chapter of our journey. May you find meaning in all this musical chaos.

metanoia will be available in the following formats:

– Digipack
– 2LP Gatefold Black
– 2LP Gatefold Clear (incl. Slipmat & Logopatch)
– 2LP Marbled White & Black Gatefold
– Digipack and T-shirt set
– Complete digital album

Pre-order here.

metanoia track list:

“Metanoia” with Einar Solberg
“Architecture of the self”
“Act of Faith”
“Aware of being watched”
“Consciousness Part III”
“Anabasis Part I”
“Anabasis Part II” with Steffen Kummerer, Angel Vivaldi and Merethe Soltvedt
“Anabasis Part III”

“Katabase” video:

Video “Merkabah”:

Perfonone is:

Marc Martins – vocals
Miguel “Moe” Espinosa – keyboards and vocals
Carlos Lozano – guitar
Filipe Baldaia – guitar
Toni Mestre – bass
Sergi “Bobby” Verdeguer – drums

(Photo – Eric Rossell)

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