Palm Springs Modern Committee Awards Architectural Gems

Home Improvement Awards

For the Les Pool House, promoter Claude Hicks, 1958

Riffing on a historic home, legendary guitarist Brian Ray called on Staci Munic Interiors to bring a rustic, rock-and-roll timbre to his Little Tuscany hideaway. The two-bedroom house reflects the vibe of its owner without neglecting its roots. “Although the house is more that of a builder, not a well-known architect, it is really well done,” says Newman. “With the guitar-shaped pool, he certainly brought his own personality to the house. Yet he stayed true to the mid-century. For over 45 years, Ray has played lead, rhythm and bass guitar for concerts. icons such as Etta James and Paul McCartney.The renovated 1950s ranch is home to his collection of vintage electric guitars, many of which date from the mid-century.

Excellence in new design

Private Residence, Woods + Dangaran, 2021

A category to recognize new design influenced by mid-century modern principles joined the awards in 2005. Architecture that extends the lineage of “The Palm Springs School” while laying the foundation for new perspectives, materials and technologies is embodied in the enclave Desert Palisades. There, on gently sloping hills among sun-scorched rocks, Los Angeles-based architecture firm Woods + Dangaran has placed, ever so lightly, a 3,800-square-foot home above a natural stream. The weathered brass exterior panels will change with the weather, and the burnished CMU (concrete masonry unit) blocks recall the tones and textures of the desert. Glass makes a friend of every view, whether it’s rock fields, pool and outdoor living areas, or another part of the home.

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