Musicians who died in 2022

Musicians who died in 2022:

March (26)

  1. [12 Mar 2022] Traci Braxton (American R&B singer and TV personality), 50, cancer
  2. “It is with the greatest regret that we inform you of the passing of our sister, Traci. Needless to say, she was a shining light, a wonderful daughter, an incredible sister, a loving mother, a wife, a great- mother and a respected performer. She will be sorely missed.” … via The Braxton Family

  3. [12 Mar 2022] Pete St. John (Irish folk singer), 90
  4. The death has been announced of singer-songwriter Pete St John. The traditional music legend died peacefully earlier today at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, his family said. … through

  5. [12 Mar 2022] Kandikonda (Indian lyricist), 48 years old, prolonged illness
  6. Lyricist Kandikonda Yadagiri, better known as Kandikonda, has passed away. He was 49 years old. Kandikonda died in Hyderabad on Saturday after a battle with a prolonged illness. … through

  7. [11 Mar 2022] Guayo Cedeno (Honduran musician and record producer), 48, respiratory failure
  8. The musician Ramón Eduardo “Guayo” Cedeño, considered one of the best guitarists in Honduras, died this Friday, apparently from respiratory problems… via

  9. [11 Mar 2022] Timmy Thomas (American R&B singer-songwriter and musician), 77
  10. Today we say a sad goodbye to singer and musician Timmy Thomas, who topped the charts in 1972 with the riveting plea for peace, ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’. … through
  11. [11 Mar 2022] Gavin Martin (British music journalist for Alternate Ulster), 60
  12. Tributes have been paid to ‘visionary’ music journalist and co-founder of Alternative Ulster magazine Gavin Martin after his death at the age of 60. … through

  13. [10 Mar 2022] Bobbie Nelson (a.k.a Sister Bobbie) (American pianist and singer), 91
  14. Bobbie Nelson, original member of her younger brother Willie Nelson’s Family Band, has died. She was 91 years old. … via
  15. [10 Mar 2022] Hennady Pavlyk (Геннадія Павлика) (Ukrainian musician for Veryovka Ukrainian folk choir), 53
  16. Today, at the age of 53, the heart of our colleague, Honored Artist of Ukraine, artist of the orchestra of folk instruments of the choir named after G. Veryovka, virtuoso musician, arranger of many orchestrations from the group’s repertoire, solo violin, wonderful family man and wonderful man – Gennady Pavlyk … via

  17. [09 Mar 2022] Richard Podolor (American record producer and musician for The domestic animals), 86
  18. Richie Podolor, producer of memorable hit recordings for Three Dog Night and albums for artists including Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly and the short-lived supergroup Souther-Hillman-Furay Band, died yesterday… via

  19. [08 Mar 2022] Rene Clemencec (Austrian composer), 94
  20. Austrian composer, musician and musicologist René Clemencic has died. He died on Tuesday at the age of 94… via

  21. [08 Mar 2022] Grandpa Elliott (American musician), 77, skin infection
  22. “Grandpa” Elliott Small, a well-known New Orleans musician who could regularly be seen in his blue overalls, red shirt and floppy hat performing on the streets of the French Quarter, has died at age 77 years… via

  23. [08 Mar 2022] Ron Miles (American jazz musician), 58 years old, polycythemia vera
  24. Ron Miles – the legendary Denver-based jazz musician, educator and prolific recording and performing artist – has died at 58. … through

  25. [08 Mar 2022] Ziggy Sigmond (Canadian guitarist for Slow)
  26. David “Ziggy” Sigmund – the Canadian guitarist best known for his work with recently reunited Vancouver proto-grunge band, slow, industrial alternative rockers Econoline Crush – has died… via

  27. [08 Mar 2022] isao suzuki (ス奏者の鈴木勲) (Japanese jazz bassist), 89, COVID-19
  28. Jazz bassist Isao Suzuki (real name: Isao) died on the 8th of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus infection… via

  29. [07 Mar 2022] Jan Welmers (Dutch composer and organist), 84
  30. Organist and composer Jan Welmers died overnight from Sunday to Monday at the age of 84. … through

  31. [07 Mar 2022] Zhou Guangren (家周广仁先生) (Chinese pianist and pedagogue), 93
  32. According to today’s music news and industry insiders, Mr. Zhou Guangren, a famous Chinese pianist and educator, died in Beijing on March 7, 2022 at the age of 93…via

  33. [06 Mar 2022] mike cross (American guitarist for Sponge), 57
  34. Mike Cross, founding guitarist of American rock band SPONGE, has died aged 57. No cause of death has yet been revealed. … through
  35. [06 Mar 2022] Paul Riba and Romeva (Spanish musician), 73 years old, pancreatic cancer
  36. The singer-songwriter Pau Riba i Romeva died this Sunday, at the age of 73, as sources from the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat confirmed to Europa Press. … through

  37. [05 Mar 2022] Jeff Howel (American rock bassist for Foghat), 60
  38. Jeffrey Leonard Howell, born May 30, 1961, died March 5, 2022, after a long stay at CTICU at UPMC Presby Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA, wife, Linda, by his side… via

  39. [05 Mar 2022] Patricio Renan (Chilean singer), 77 years old
  40. Patricio Renán, the singer, who performed several popular hits in the late 1960s and early 1970s, had health problems. … through

  41. [04 Mar 2022] Jimbeau Hinson (American country music singer-songwriter), 70
  42. Singer-songwriter Jimbeau Hinson, who wrote songs for The Oak Ridge Boys, Brenda Lee and others, died Friday at age 70. … through

  43. [04 Mar 2022] Calvin Mark Lee (American music producer for Mercury Records), 85
  44. Sad news to read that CALVIN MARK LEE has passed away at the age of 85. Calvin worked for Mercury Record Productions (A&R) in 1969 and helped DAVID BOWIE get a recording contract. … through

  45. [02 Mar 2022] Chuck Criss (American musician for Independent Whales), 36 years old, committed suicide
  46. Glee alum Darren Criss has announced that his older brother, Charles “Chuck” Criss, tragically died by suicide in February. … via

  47. [01 Mar 2022] Richard Prat (American singer for blue magic)
  48. We received sad news this morning via a message from legendary Blue Magic frontman Ted “Wizard” Mills that Blue Magic co-founder Richard Pratt has passed away. … through

  49. [01 Mar 2022] Warner Mac (American country singer-songwriter), 86
  50. When you write a song at age 13 that becomes a country standard and a hit in three decades, you know you were born to make country music…via

  51. [01 Mar 2022] Conrad Janis (American musician and actor), 94
  52. Conrad Janis, an actor known to viewers as Mindy’s father on the hit sitcom “Mork & Mindy,” who was also a skilled jazz musician and well-known gallery owner in the New York art world, is died March 1 in Los Angeles. He was 94 years old. … through

  • February 2022 (84)
    • [27 Feb 2022] MC Skibadee
    • [22 Feb 2022] Mark Lanegan (Howling Trees)
    • [13 Feb 2022] King Louie Bankston (Exploding Hearts)
    • [09 Feb 2022] Ian McDonald (King Crimson)
    • [09 Feb 2022] Betty Davis
    • [06 Feb 2022] George Crumb
    • [02 Feb 2022] Willie Leacox (America)

  • January 2022 (87)
    • [30 Jan 2022] Hargus “Pig” Robbins
    • [22 Jan 2022] Don Wilson (The Ventures)
    • [20 Jan 2022] Meatloaf
    • [20 Jan 2022] Elza Soares
    • [15 Jan 2022] Rachel Nagy (Detroit Cobras)
    • [15 Jan 2022] Ralph Emery
    • [14 Jan 2022] Dallas Frazier
    • [13 Jan 2022] Fred Parris (Five Satins)
    • [12 Jan 2022] Ronnie Spector
    • [11 Jan 2022] Rosa Lee Hawkins (Dixie Cups)

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