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A new father from Essex has told how he was forced to look for other money-making opportunities when the coronavirus pandemic took a toll on his earnings. However, the silver lining to his story is that he now earns an extra £15,000 a year.

Entrepreneur Marc Barnacle is one of the founders of Together In Musical Expression, which offers music and sensory relaxation sessions for people with learning difficulties or mental health issues.

When the pandemic hit, Marc was forced to explore other ways to earn money, as one-to-one sessions and group teaching sessions were prohibited.

After discussing his situation with a friend, he decided to try the Skillshare teaching platform and take his guitar lessons online.

Marc said: “It certainly took the pressure off – financially.”

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Although Marc has now returned to his day job, he says he will continue to upload videos to Skillshare as it is a great way to earn extra income.

After the one-month free trial ends, plans start from £7 per month, with creators earning a commission based on the number of minutes their videos are watched.

Creators also receive bonuses each time a new subscriber signs up through their unique referral link.

Last year, the average annual income generated by Skillshare’s most successful creators was £25,000.

Natacha shared some tips for people wanting to sign up for Skillshare:

  1. “Pick a topic you know well and find your angle, whether it’s teaching tips, demystifying a topic, or just sharing a personal take on a skill. Let your passion shine through,” he said. she declared.
  2. “Listen to your audience – ask friends, family and network for feedback to help you create your own angle.
  3. “When thinking about attracting students, it’s important to create an engaging introduction to your class – it’s often the first thing a student will see, so getting it to sing is crucial.
  4. “Make sure you have the basics right with lighting, video quality, background and production as this will help produce a professional class that will attract more views. Skillshare has plenty of classes to help you .
  5. “Get familiar with the platform and what’s available to help you succeed as a teacher. There are a range of initiatives and programs available to creators to become better instructors on the platform.”

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