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Meet your new instructors: Metallica.

Heavy metal legends will share the secrets of their successful career as a band and what it takes to be one through their own MasterClass.

“Metallica is conveying its more than four decades of rock & roll wisdom into its new class,” Rolling Stone wrote when launching the online courses last Thursday on the MasterClass platform.

MasterClass is a subscription platform where some of the biggest names in the creative and artistic industries teach their areas of expertise. Neil Gaiman teaches writing, Martin Scorsese directing, Kelly Wearstler shares interior design secrets, rock guitar Tom Morello, creative writing Margaret Atwood and Herbie Hancock imparting jazz knowledge are just a few. instructors of the many areas of interest that can be learned online on the platform.

“Metallica Teaches To Be In A Band” will see vocalist James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo take turns sharing key elements of a band.

One of them is songwriting in which Hetfield, as Metallica’s key lyricist, shares his techniques for creating songs. “As for the lyrics, I’ll leave spaces, where I need a voice,” as the accompanying trailer cuts through Hetfield’s lyrical drafts in which sections are left blank with lines at the top. instead of words. “And then I’ll go look for my one-liners (which he wrote down and saved) and I’ll be like ‘oh rhythmically, that one fits,” so I’m going to plug it in and start building around that, “the singer explained. .

Lessons from Metallica focus on “strategies for growing and staying together as a group” and “how to collaborate creatively, and develop and maintain a relationship with an audience, among other topics”.

Metallica would know a thing or two about the first, seeing them at the height of their fame, egos within the group were rampant and the group was teetering dangerously on the verge of going their separate ways, as shown in films such as “Some Kind Of Monster” .

Metallica also touched the audience, or the “fifth member of the group.” “You move another person with your music and you influence another person who watches it. So, it’s so multi-layered, ”Hetfield said, as he explained how engaging with the audience is an integral part of the whole performance process.

Metallica will also present their hits which will include “Enter Sandman” and “Master Of Puppets” as they tackle the dynamics of songwriting and acting together. The class ends with a performance of six songs by the group.

“We have maintained our bond for over 40 years because we have learned so much from each other and ourselves over time,” Hetfield said. “In our classroom, we not only teach MasterClass members how we write songs and find inspiration for our music, but also how the experiences we have had together have contributed to a successful creative collaboration.”



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