“Make it look as much like a car accident as possible”: Buzz Osborne is Gibson’s latest Riff Lords guest

Gibson got him out of the park with his latest Lords of the Riff episode, inviting the Melvins’ Buzz Osborne to speak to viewers through a small selection of his best riffs.

The guitarist offers an excellent overview of the key parts of Bucket of honey, Queen, Amazon, God of the new evil war, The bit and Billy fish.

Along the way, he talks about his techniques and gear, including his Les Paul’s tri-volume switch that allows him to quickly change settings, his “duck quacks” and “hiccups,” as well as his fondness. for all that is atonal.

“There are enough people playing it perfectly and straight out of Guitarist magazine, “Osborne observes,” that people shouldn’t expect me to … “

Along the way, he offers a typically Osborne insight into his thinking. “I really like not to do things that sound too pretty”, he specifies in the midst of the noise of Billy fish. “Because, to me, too pretty is very cheesy – and I don’t want it to be cheesy.” “

He also reveals that one of the band’s most popular songs, Bucket of honey, was written in 15 minutes – and his connection to a wider audience remains a mystery to him.

“I wrote this song very quickly. I remember when I wrote it, I was in San Francisco, in my room, ”he says. “I imagined it and did it all in about 15 minutes. I invented the riff, I had the lyrics, I knew what I wanted and I brought it to the band. Soon after, everything was recorded.

“I hadn’t really thought about it at the time, but for a band like us – who don’t have any hits – it was a pretty popular song. I never managed to understand why!

You can watch the full video above, although we think the tips that will stay with us come in her. Queen tutorial: “Make it look as much like a car accident as possible,” he tells viewers. “May all bad grades ring out …”

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