Maggie Sajak is the multi-talented daughter of Pat Sajak’s ‘wheel of fortune’

Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, is a regular on the game show “Wheel of Fortune.” However, she is also pursuing a career in music while earning a law degree.

Maggie Sajak is known as the daughter of Mat Sajak, but she is a star in her own right, with several accomplishments under her belt.

Many have seen her on TV, especially on the long-running game show series “Wheel of Fortune,” where she started out as a stand-in for Vanna White to spin the letters.

She is now an integral part of the show as a social correspondent. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to bring an insider’s look at the show with new features, interviews, videos and behind-the-scenes information,” she said. Maggie also added:

“The staff and team at ‘Wheel of Fortune have always been like extended family, and I’m delighted to work with them.”

Maggie is Pat’s daughter with his ex-wife, Lesly Brown Sajak. However, the young star is close to her mother-in-law.

Maggie was just a kid when she first appeared in ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Although she’s only become a series regular in recent years, Maggie once rode the “Wheel of Fortune” years ago when she was just a year old. At the time, Pat brought his baby girl to work and introduced her to White.

Maggie was an instant hit with audiences, who then fell in love with her giggle and off-balance stance. It wasn’t until 2020 that she stepped in as a letter spinner while Pat left to recover from medical surgery.

Maggie Sajak has many talents

Apart from her screen career, Maggie has also pursued different professions including her true passion which is music. She was only 12 when she started playing guitar and writing songs. In 2011, Maggie released her debut single, “First Kiss”, with a music video directed by CMT Award winner Trey Fanjoy.

The Maryland native’s career eventually blossomed as more of her tracks were released. Maggie now has her songs featured on Apple Music.

Maggie was also into fashion and appeared in Teen Vogue’s “Get Schooled in Fall’s Smartest Denim” segment in 2013, where she shared her favorite denim pieces.

Although she already appears to have a fledgling career, Maggie is still pursuing another degree. After graduating from Princeton University and completing a graduate program at Columbia University, she now attends law school.

Vanna White gave Maggie a letter shooting tutorial

Maggie is undoubtedly a role model for many. However, she does her job perfectly with the help of those around her, including White. Previously, Maggie revealed that White gave her a tutorial for turning the letters in the game show.

“She gave me a little tutorial, like on our fridge, about how to press the letters and how hard it is to press them and all that,” Maggie said. “She was so kind teaching me, and you know, she also had a big job to do that week, filling in for my dad.”

In the end, Maggie did a fantastic job and left her dad proud. It was undoubtedly a difficult situation to fill in big shoes, but with the duo’s teamwork, it all paid off.

Patrick, Maggie’s brother, is a doctor

Maggie isn’t the only one making her dad proud. His brother, Patrick Michael Sajak, is also continuing his career in the medical field. In May 2021, Patrick officially became a doctor.

According to his father, Patrick insisted that he be called “Dr Sajak” in the future. “Lesly and I couldn’t be prouder,” Pat said during a “Wheel of Fortune” episode.

Although Patrick remains a private person with no known social media presence, he occasionally appears on Maggie’s Instagram posts.

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