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In Los Angeles, traffic jams don’t necessarily signal an event. On Sunday, however, there was no confusion between the sea of ​​vehicles tangled in the streets of Inglewood and something important. But even that doesn’t accurately describe what happened when SoFi Stadium opened all of its seats for the Los Angeles Rams’ home opener against the Chicago Bears.

It was the largest paid rally the city has seen amid the COVID-19 pandemic with over 70,000 people in the building and because of that it almost served as the first show for the $ 5 billion. dollars from the home team, a state-of-the-art stadium that, in a few months, will host the LVI Super Bowl World Show on February 13.

The Rams and Los Angeles Chargers played on the SoFi field last year, but the pandemic prevented fans from attending in person. To welcome them back, organizers went out of their way for a comprehensive (and largely local) program to complement the NFL action on the field, which ended in the day’s exclamation mark with a Rams 34-14 victory.

The parking lots opened at 1 p.m., four hours before kickoff, and thousands of people enjoyed the first tailgate experience. Fans have been spotted playing music and cornhole and maxing out their barbecues. As The Hollywood Reporter entered SoFi, hordes of Bears fans were seen snapping photos in front of the SoFi sign as a rowdy Rams fan escalated the rivalry by shouting the home team chant: “Who owns the house? The house of rams!

Moments later, a huge group of fans from both teams came face to face with the driver of a black SUV trying to park in a VIP parking lot. When the window rolled down, the driver was revealed to be Magic Johnson. He smiled and posed for several selfies before stepping forward as the group erupted in touch-worthy cheers and applause.

The appearance of Johnson – a professional sports royalty as a Lakers legend and part-owner of the Dodgers – once again signaled that Sunday’s opening was a major event during a busy cultural night with the Creative Arts Emmy. Awards held at LA Live and MTV’s Video Music Awards. is happening on the opposite coast.

Even Dodgers stars Corey Seager and Justin Turner moved from Dodger Stadium to SoFi to join Johnson in the stands after their 8-0 loss to the San Diego Padres. They are unlikely to arrive in time to attend the pre-kickoff ceremony featuring NFL Network and radio host Rich Eisen marking the occasion by helping to shine the spotlight on the mayor of ‘Inglewood James T. Butts, Inglewood City Council members George Dotson, Dionne Faulk, Eloy Morales and Alex Padilla, as well as Rams legends Torry Holt and Jackie Slater and a handful of season ticket holders who have played critical roles on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

National anthem homework went to Tayler Green, a student of the city’s 1500 Sound Academy, founded by Grammy Award winners James Fauntleroy and Larrance Dopson. Hollywood helped amplify the action thanks to Oscar-winning Wally Pfister, who teamed up with the Rams to lead the sizzle that plays out before the team rushes onto the pitch. The music continued at halftime with OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder, guitarists Zach Filkins and Drew Brown, bassist and cellist Brent Kutzle and drummer Eddie Fisher taking to the pitch to perform a short set.

As they swayed THR checked out the new Bootsy Bellows VIP field experience were Kevin Hart, David Arquette, Rams super fan Rebel Wilson, Wiz Khalifa, Skeet Ulrich, YG, Damson Idris, newlywed Don Benjamin, Rampage, Rams mascot and John Terzian , co-founder of Bootsy Bellows and The h.wood Group took part in the match. The pitch-level sequel, which will be packed with VIPs in matches and concerts, saw its first action on Sunday.

“It’s pretty amazing to be here,” Terzian said of the launch. “It’s been five, six years since it’s been brewing, so hearing what people say when they come in here and look around is amazing. Much work, relationship and effort has gone into building this place. So today is fun. I am absolutely in love with this place. ”

Arquette, a Bootsy Bellows partner who helped name the club after his mother who performed burlesque using the nickname, was also struck by the scene. “It’s such an honor to be at SoFi Stadium and to have this here,” said Arquette, who joked that Terzian and the h.wood team really went out of their way to celebrate their 50th anniversary. which fell on September 8. “It means the world.” He also took a moment to cheer on the team, just as Rams running back Darrell Henderson Jr. entered the end zone in the third quarter after a transfer from the quarterback. -back Matthew Stafford. “It’s a beautiful stadium. It’s so state-of-the-art and everyone, all the staff, are amazing. We support the Rams and we really want to bring the championship home. “

Now that would be an event. But even Arquette isn’t so sure he can score tickets. “It’s hard to get in, even for me. “

Rebel Wilson shows his Rams pride inside Bootsy Bellows during the game.
Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for Bootsy Bellows & The h.wood Group

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Bootsy Bellows partner David Arquette flashes sign # 1 next to Rampage, the Rams mascot.
Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for Bootsy Bellows & The h.wood Group

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Wiz Khalifa takes the action at eye level on the pitch.
Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for Bootsy Bellows & The h.wood Group

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Damson Idris, FX star Snowfall, pauses the game to pose inside Bootsy Bellows.
Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for Bootsy Bellows & The h.wood Group

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