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Multifaceted musician Michael Thomas (ex-FASTER PUSSYCAT, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, ENGINES OF AGGRESSION)best known to rock fans as the guitarist of Steven Adler (GUNS N’ ROSES)returns to the front of the stage with his new single “Take me”. The song was released on all platforms around the world. You can buy/stream TAKE ME here: Accompanying the track is the official music video. “For this video, I had a vision of a modern ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ with a dark twist. The timing of the Halloween release couldn’t have been better, the stars aligned,” Thomas said, ” It’s a big story to tell in a short amount of time, but the journey flows perfectly in sync with the song and comes full circle… Every time you watch it, you take away something new, and I love that.


Earlier this year, Thomas released an animated lyric video for “What Are You Thinking (Pure Energy)”originally recorded by an American new wave band INFORMATION SOCIETY. This cover showcased its dynamic diversity between fighting instruments and vocals, breathing new life into the notable hit. “The new single “Take me” pick up where my blanket from “What’s on your mind” abandoned…both sonically and stylistically,” says Thomas. “It’s got an infectious hook and delivers a modern rock/pop punch that’ll rock your toppings with its arena-sized anthem.” The track is made up of thunderous guitars, thunderous percussion, subdrops and sweeps… it was truly amazing to see it all come together.

“The video of “Take me” is a whole other monster in itself,” Thomas explains enthusiastically. “When I came up with the concept, it all fell into place seamlessly with the song. Like any epic, there are 3 acts in the story, which was going to be ambitious to tell in less than four minutes…and we ended up with a supernatural tale that, from start to finish, offers a wild ride in the form of a mini-movie.

Thomas also wrote the track “Living” for Adler’s New York Times best-selling autobiography My appetite for destruction, which made its world premiere on The Howard Stern Show, and has been featured on ESPN, MTV and VH1 among others. In addition to his work with Adler, Thomas has collaborated with an array of artists from Snoop Dogg to members of american idol and The voice.

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