Kearsarge Regional High School Student of the Month: Quinlan Ferren | Community

NEW LONDON – Superintendent Winfried Feneberg is pleased to announce Kearsarge Regional High School’s Student of the Month for February.

Quinlan Ferren, a Wilmot sophomore, was selected for the honor based on nominations from school staff. This honor recognizes the student’s positive conduct and character, both on and off campus, and acknowledges positive moral character and contributions to the school community.

“Quin is an incredibly respectful and hardworking student. He works well with others and values ​​supporting students with needs,” said social studies teacher Sandy Nelson. “He helps a student with special needs in my class by re-teaching concepts, vocabulary and ideas to support that student’s learning. Quin leads by example. His ability to connect with others and support their learning is to be commended. »

Ferren thanks the teachers for encouraging him to succeed. He particularly enjoyed the introduction to woodworking and guidance from business professor Jesse Fenn during the experiential learning.

“I really like being able to work on a hands-on project and have a say in what I do. It’s a good way to show Mr. Fenn what we’re learning instead of just creating something that he tells us. gave to build,” he said.

Ferren, the son of Amy Gignac and Justin Ferren, is a talented keyboard player. He performs with his father (guitar) and younger sister Mara (vocals) in the Ferns Family Band. The group performs at local events and venues and has been featured in “New Hampshire Chronicle”. Ferren is currently supporting his sister by playing the keyboard as she competes in the Unsung Heroes vocal competition hosted by The Music Room in West Yarmouth, Mass.

After graduation, Ferren would like to combine his Kearsarge education, community experience and lifelong interest in trucks and equipment. His goal is to start a property maintenance, land management or excavation business.

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