Jordan Suber, Newberry’s own musician

NEWBERRY — Jordan Suber, a multi-talented musician, rocked several venues locally in Newberry, including Park Jams right in downtown Newberry and throughout the state of South Carolina.

Currently, Suber is gearing up to release new music by the end of this year. What started as learning the piano at the age of eight, later became saxophone, guitar and now even the cajón (a musical instrument played by hitting a box) while singing. Suber is an artist connected to Newberry County and demonstrates a way of representing the community through his love for music.

Suber’s musical journey began at age 17 in his high school band as lead keyboardist. As the group prepared for a public event, Suber was asked to step in and harmonize as the lead vocalist. Suber immediately jumped into the role which ultimately changed the course of his life.

“When I started playing in my first band in front of an audience, it transformed the way I looked at music. Before that, music was always formal only at school or church. My first harmonization, c “That’s when I started having more fun with the music. That’s when I realized that was what I wanted to do,” Suber said.

Since Jordan’s debut in music ten years ago, Suber has continued to fuel his passion by performing a variety of music for his audience. The majority of his performances include a mix of country, rock, R&B, and even classic rock.

Suber is an artist who cares about his audience and continually strives to tailor his song selection to suit audience tastes. He has a music library of all the songs he has memorized, allowing him to adjust his performance based on what kind of songs the crowd is more receptive to.

“My music described in three words would be personal, moving and fun,” he said.

Suber usually performs weekly, which gives him the opportunity to continually improve his craft. He also enjoys experimenting with new musical techniques such as live guitar and even mixing live music. Along with his cover performances, Suber also sings in church on Sundays.

“Playing in front of people is vulnerable. You have to remember, hey, I’m here to entertain people. I’m here to do my best. No matter how I feel, no matter what happened before or after. that, I have to come here and do my best. During my performance, I’m in the moment and above it all,” Suber said.

Suber uses his music to create a bridge between himself and his audience as a pure form of connection. Although Suber is already a musician, he enjoys improving himself and his music, which is why he welcomes all feedback from his audience.

“I’m not the most outgoing, so it’s nice to see that music can get people to come talk to me like that after my performances,” he said.

Suber draws his music from his hometown, Pomaria. Suber describes that nature, a sense of community, and the peace in Newberry County allow him to delve deeper into music. He particularly appreciates Newberry’s calmness, which allows Suber to do deep work, a form of undistracted work without multitasking, which increases his productivity as a musician.

“As it’s really quiet here, I find it helpful to let my creativity run free. I’m also proud to represent the Newberry community,” Suber said.

Soon, Suber aims to be an independent artist and continue performing for his fans. He hopes to end the year with new tunes for everyone.

“My dream in the next few years is to see people buy tickets to come and see me. It’s wonderful to know that people know I’m going to sing and perform for them,” he said.

Besides playing music, Suber enjoys cooking chicken tacos at home and eating Indian cuisine. In conjunction with music, Suber enjoys being outdoors with nature, kickboxing, fishing, and reading. If Suber weren’t a musician, he said, “I’d be a graphic novel writer because I’ve always loved writing since fourth grade.”

Suber continues to perform while working on writing and producing his music for the future. He also advises anyone new to music, “It won’t be perfect when you start, so you have to accept that you’re a learner. You have to be a student. You definitely have to go through this. When you learn something new, embrace it. A quote that I remember many times is “enjoy the shit”.

Look for Jordan Suber’s next music this fall. For more on his upcoming performances, visit Jordan Suber at Facebook.

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