JOEY BELLADONNA says he never left ANTHRAX, he was ‘swept aside’

Anthrax singer Joey Belladonna recently spoke with Rum & Rock N Roll Beer and reflected on her feelings about her exit from Anthrax in 1992. Belladonna was fired by the band as creative differences frayed the band’s relationship. However, Belladonna remains defiant, he was not the source of these alleged differences.

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“I didn’t quit…Like, I wanted to sit around for 13 years while these guys continued [going]? People don’t want to hear it, but it’s the truth. Why would I stop?” [via Blabbermouth]

“Forget this record without me” Belladonna continued, apparently referring to Anthraxfrom 1993 LP White noisewhich included John Bush of holy armored singing. “I could have been on that record no matter what they came up with. Let’s just pretend they haven’t even written that record yet. That record would have been cool too regardless of of what you already know. I’m not saying what was on it wasn’t good. I was in this car that broke this record. I was swept away from there.

“So yeah, I didn’t give up” Belladonna added. “I haven’t given up on anything. I don’t want anyone to think that, because I wouldn’t even have the heart to.” The singer has been asked over the years about his return to Anthrax in 2010, with some wondering why he would want to return after an unceremonious departure.

“Some people say, ‘Why the hell are you back with them? Why would you go back? That’s stupid, man. You’re an idiot. She cheated on you twice, man. Don’t come back with his. Come on man. She’s just going out with this other guy tomorrow night.'”

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Belladonna also added that “Every day I walk in their presence in the room knowing that these people felt this way, because I never felt this way for them. I don’t feel this way for these people. I highly respect and recommend everything they do. And obviously I’m back. And I dig what we’re doing right now, I dig what we’re doing. But it’s hard. It’s hard.

The situation was obviously difficult for all the members of Anthrax. The members opened up about this time in a 40th anniversary video documenting the recording of White noise.

“There’s never an easy way to talk about this stuff,” guitarist Scott Ian said. “Granted, when you’re in the thick of it, when that happens, it’s awful when you have to make a decision like that. But it really came down to, creatively, we all felt like “There just wasn’t a way for the band to move forward. We had just hit a wall. It was the most difficult decision in the band’s history, certainly. And even that, I have the doesn’t feel like it gives him the heft he needs. Joey – it was never personal with him. Honestly, it really depended on the band’s creative ability to move forward. And I hate that this is something that happened.

“Obviously things are meant to be” Ian added. “I’m a bit of a spiritual person. I’ve seen and done enough in my life to know that sometimes shit doesn’t just happen. The way it all ended up, with Joey coming back to 2010, and the band, over the last 11 years, being creatively better than we’ve ever been and in a better place than we’ve ever been, I have to say I really believe it all worked out for some reason. It doesn’t make it easy Joey certainly; there’s nothing I can say that ever would.”

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Anthrax are currently on tour with black label society and friends hate race in tow. This week they were forced to file the bill twice due to an unspecified medical issue within the band. We wish good luck to the group and hope that all goes well.

8/12 House of Blues, Orlando, Florida
8/13 The Fillmore, Charlotte, North Carolina
8/15 Andrew J Brady Music Center, Cincinnati, OH
8/16 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN
8/18 The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD
8/19 Main Street Armory, Rochester, NY
8/20 The Fillmore, Detroit, MI (no Hatebreed)
8/22 StageAE Outside, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
8/23 History, Toronto, ON CANADA
8/24 Cogeco Amphitheater, Trois Rivieres/Montreal, QC
8/26 Coney Island Amphitheater, Brooklyn, NY
8/28 The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA (no hate race)

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