Illinois Ranked in Top 10 Best State for Teachers


If you are a teacher in Illinois, first of all thank you, and secondly congratulations, you are one of the best in America.

Illinois has been ranked number 9 out of all states for being the best states for teachers in America, and I agree. I have been fortunate for my children to have some of the best teachers since they started school. So what makes Illinois one of the best for teachers? According to The research looked at all 50 states, ranging from the potential for teacher income growth to student-teacher ratios to whether the state has a digital learning plan.

Illinois scored 51.88 and ranks 6th for opportunities and competition and 21st for academic and professional environment. So not bad and a reason why so many teachers come to Illinois to teach. Missouri came in at number 45 on the list and Iowa checked in at 26.

The website went on to rank Illinois 4th for highest annual wages behind Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York. Missouri came in third for the lowest expected teacher turnover rate, which is really great for the state. Neither Illinois, Missouri, nor Iowa ranked in the best or worst school system, so I mean that’s a good sign we didn’t end on the “worst” side. things.

If you are in college and wondering where to apply, I would take a look at Illinois and some of the opportunities available to you in the state. You never know if this could be the start of a long professional relationship with the state.

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