How rising music sensation Jia Ruan uses social media to showcase her unique talent


The evolving era of social media has become a boon for budding talent across the world. They no longer rely on big banners and music labels to navigate the industry. With billions of users around the world, social media offers a real audience for every type of talent, whether it’s singing, dancing, cooking or stand-up. Jia Ruan is one such example who uses this platform to advance her career in the music industry. With no one, not even a guide, to help him navigate this highly competitive space, Jia has managed to skillfully navigate to create unconventional yet calming musical compositions.

Jia comes from a wealthy background as her father was a renowned real estate investor in New York. With her father’s sudden death, Jia had no choice but to support her family in any way she could. This led him to drop out of school at USC Marshall School of Business and start working as a bagger at a local grocery store. He saw his mother work two jobs as a music teacher and his two younger sisters working in a local cafe after school for a few years. Determined to change her family’s financial situation, Jia began working as a salesperson in a musical instrument store.

Although the job doesn’t provide the much-needed financial security, it opens up a new perspective on life for Jia. He immediately felt connected to musical sounds. Musical instruments and their notes fascinated him to the point that he began to learn music from his mother. He spent his days learning different instruments, and before he knew it, he had become the master of them. Jia began to create unique compositions of unconventional sounds. He mixes the violin with the drums, the bass guitar with the piano, the flute with the harps, or sometimes all in one piece. These compositions have become unique and soothing to the ears yet energetic.

As a Gen Z musical artist, Jia was well aware of the power of social media. In January 2021, he launched his YouTube channel with his first instrumental track “Vibrations”, named after the channel. Initially, it was difficult for him to get the expected answer. He has followed renowned musical artists on social media to determine their promotional strategies on the platform. It worked like magic and things quickly started to take a positive turn. As he began to share his first track on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Jia was able to find his audience. Its subscriber base has grown to over one million in just a few months across all platforms.

It gave him the much needed boost to quit his job and completely focus on music. He started doing live shows to interact more with his subscribers. He often does video tutorials on different musical instruments and how each of them can be used to compose unique sounds. His passion for sound has resonated with music enthusiasts around the world, making him a rising musical sensation on digital platforms.

Today, “Vibrations” has recorded over 5 million hits on Spotify and over 8 million views on YouTube. His unique approach to instrumental music, keeping the lyrics behind the scenes, has created a new trend on social media.

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