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Price: $ 19.99 per month, $ 179.99 per year, 14 day free trial
Main characteristics: Guided trails; digestible lessons; comprehensive song tutorials that include amp and guitar settings; artist and genre studies which cover all the bases of a range of styles; additional resources such as scale charts and maintenance tips. Genres: Acoustics, Rock, blues, bluegrass, classic, country, jazz, funk and soul, rockabilly, surf, world
Platforms: Desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, Android
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While online music lessons and tutorials may seem like a relatively new trend, there is one site that has stood the test of time. Guitar Tricks has been working in this field since 1998 – long before most people even had stable internet connections – and is rightly regarded as a pioneer of online guitar lessons.

As a result, Guitar Tricks is certainly a step ahead of its competition in a number of different ways. First, they have spent years testing, developing and improving their approach to online learning, ensuring that their teaching methods work for their students. Second, they were able to create a huge amount of content and resources during this time. With over 11,000 videos in their database, as well as over 900+ songs, Guitar Tricks has the most content of any of these sites. Unlike some of their contemporaries, much of this content is aimed at intermediate and advanced players as well, making Guitar Tricks one of the best sites for seasoned players looking to improve their skills.

Guitar Tricks Review: How Does Guitar Tricks Work?

After registering and logging in, users will see four main course categories on the home page; beginner, experienced, songs and styles. After making your selection, you are redirected to a portal that contains lesson plans for each category. Here’s what you get from each section:

  • Beginner Course: Offers two levels of guitar fundamentals – covering the basics of how to hold the guitar, learning open chords at level one, how to play power chords and read music in the second. Apart from that, there are four style-specific lessons, blues, country, rock, and acoustics, divided into two difficulty levels, covering the basics of each genre. Additional resources in this add-on include simplified versions of famous songs, as well as practice and maintenance tips.
  • Experienced lessons: Has exactly the same layout as the beginner module, including the same play styles but with – as you might expect – more advanced content. Fundamental lessons cover everything from perfecting chord transitions to playing major and minor scales. Additional sections here include tone guides and speed settings for different types of playing, as well as techniques you can use to add more emotion to your playing, like bends, overtones, and hammer-ons.

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  • Learn to play songs: This is where you go when you have a specific song you want to learn. With over 900 popular songs and more added regularly, you will have no trouble finding something you like here. You get a guided tour of how to master the song, covering everything from tone adjustments to tips for improving playability, over 8 to 14 bite-sized lessons. The level of detail is exceptional and covers everything they could to perfect these songs. One area of ​​criticism is that there aren’t a lot of offerings for fans of pop music. For example, given the number of people who have been inspired by Taylor Swift to buy a guitar, Swift is definitely an overlooked artist (it certainly is at the time of writing). You can add Adele, Billie Eilish, Avril Lavigne and P! Nk to that list – just an oversight for such a large market of potential players. At the same time, it’s understandable that they chose to focus on styles that largely feature larger guitar styles like rock and metal.
  • Learn Guitar Styles: Here you get a breakdown of the elements that make up specific playstyles. Covering a dozen different styles, from metal to “world”, users should have a good understanding of how to play their style of choice after completing this. Some styles, such as country and metal, have fairly extensive resources that users will spend a lot of time unpacking, while more specialized genres like surfing have less ground to cover but are still a rewarding learning experience. . Guitar Tricks is to be commended for the diversity of styles they cover here – many of their counterparts have a much narrower scope and only cover styles with broad appeal.

Apart from the main lesson plans, you can also access Artist Studies which give you insight into how some of your favorite guitarists approach the instrument, and introduce artists like Angus Young, Keith Richards and BB King. , to name a few. You can also choose from instructor-based lessons. There are 34 instructors on Guitar Tricks, each one specializing in different areas, so if you find one particularly inspiring, it’s easy to access all of their lessons and tutorials. For an additional cost, users can also book private lessons with Guitar Tricks instructors, which is a useful tool if you have trouble understanding a particular lick or playing style, or just need feedback.

Progress is easily tracked via a dedicated page that details the percentage of lessons, songs, and lessons you’ve completed, and lets you easily jump back to where you left off. You can also do this efficiently with the “last lesson” tab, which takes you directly to the last thing you did.

It must be said, however, compared to some of the newcomers to this market, Guitar Tricks isn’t as sleek or user-friendly as it could be. Perhaps this could be because the large amount of content hosted on the website made it difficult to neatly present and integrate all of the tidbits. Or it could be that it’s been around the longest and just showing its age a little. Either way, it still works; it’s just not the most impressive or the easiest to navigate.

Guitar Tricks review: who is Guitar Tricks for?

Guitar Tricks is for anyone looking to improve their skills as a guitarist. Whether it’s someone who has never owned a guitar before or those with extensive experience with the instrument and looking to hone their skills in specific areas or styles. Either way, there is a lot to offer here.

Guitar Tricks is for anyone looking to improve their skills as a guitarist.

Due to the extra time people have had on their hands in recent months and the limitations imposed on doing things in person during the pandemic, online guitar lessons have become incredibly popular. However, rather than being a scaled-down version of the more traditional lessons, many learners have found the flexible nature and ease with which they can fit practice into their busy schedules to be one of the main draws in following the course. online lessons. For many, platforms like Guitar Tricks have made learning to play the guitar an achievable goal.

As we have established, Guitar Tricks has had a head start in this market and has been able to create a lot of content that goes well beyond the beginner level. In fact, it’s fair to say that there are more deals here for mid-level players than most other platforms. This is probably the best market for Guitar Tricks, although there are plenty for advanced players as well.

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Guitar Tricks Review: Conclusion

After more than 23 years in business, Guitar Tricks has not only played an important role in the formation and development of e-learning, but continues to be a major player in the market to this day. A lot of it is because the platform is so good. They’ve managed to strike the right balance between detailed and concise, which means everything you want to know is covered but you shouldn’t feel too overwhelmed by the process.

While it’s not as easy for newbies to navigate as some of its competition, the content is definitely there. It’s also one of the best rigs of its kind for intermediate to advanced players, and those new to this lineup won’t find themselves short of things to explore on Guitar Tricks in a hurry.


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