‘Getting To Me’ Disposable Outlet

Alternative rock and metalcore band based in Adelaide/Tarndanya To throw get into it with their first single get to me (October 14) from their upcoming sophomore EP lester (November 11th).

With an album, an EP and a handful of singles already under their belt, the trio of Zak Kerrison, Adrian Emili and Bailey O’Brien haven’t neglected anything with this latest single. Incorporating elements of metalcore and alternative rock, Throwaway dabble in unusual time signatures and unique songwriting techniques to propel their live performances across South Australia.

get to me illustrates the breaking point; boiling pent up pressure to burst; the eruption of emotion over a situation that you cannot sleep. Progressive rock drums provide the push and pull in the verses, depicting the ground shaking as it merges before finding its pulse again in the chorus. Angled guitar tones are in line with Adelaide’s burgeoning alternative music scene, but free yourself from the noise with slick lead guitar leads and rhythmically entertaining chugs reminiscent of Plini and I Built The Sky. Mastered with taste by Callan Orr of Dream on dreamer, get to me is another great Aussie alternative rock track for fans of hands like houses and Polaris.

Stream ‘Surrender to Me’

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