Get to know Julien Earle and his new project r3flection

Julien Earle has spent years on the scene producing quality tracks and has now embarked on the next chapter of his story as r3flection.

Since first appearing on the scene years ago, Julian Earle traveled through a number of different genre realms while creating immersive tunes. Beginning his journey in left field, he discovered a passion for electronic beats after delving deeper into lo-fi sounds. This helped push him further into the underground as his exploration of techno began, leading to releases on top labels such as 1605, Kraftekand Respect.

After rising through the ranks for years, Julien Earle has also made it his goal to help others on their journey. This led to the creation of its YouTube page which is littered with tutorials for anyone keen to get into production. Whether it’s creating lo-fi beats and hard techno, answering questions, or replicating the styles of other notable producers on the scene, it’s a wealth of information for any producer in grass.

Today, at the start of 2022, Julien Earle has set his sights on the next stage of his career with the launch of his new pseudonym, reflection. The first sounds of this project were heard just a few weeks ago with the release of “fix my H3art“, a breathtaking track that will surely captivate all who listen to it. In addition, r3flection will also serve as a label for Julien to release more tracks as well as those of other artists.

Seeking to better understand the mind of Julien Earle, we caught up with him after the release of “Fix My H3art” to discuss the project and his plans for the future. Give her exclusive guest mix a spin and read on for the full conversation!

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Hello Julien, thank you very much for taking the time to chat with us today. Let’s start by diving into your own roots as an artist! Who were your early influences and favorite artists on the dance music scene?

At first, I really dove into more left-wing stuff, not so much House or Techno. I really connected to Burial early on and loved Night Slugs, Tessella, R&S, that kind of stuff. It was also a different time from now when now 4×4 music is much bigger (it was early 2010s).

Honestly, all that super textural stuff from back in the day, even moving on to more electronics like Flying Lotus, James Blake, it all really appealed to me. I’m from rock, I play guitar, Emo house shows all of that so it really left-the field explorations of what could be done with the dance music model was the hook that caught me .

What made you start DJing and producing house and techno? Was there a certain “spark” that happened one day or was it a natural progression?

Lo-fi House around 2016-2017 really put me back in the game a bit. I think that’s when 4×4 started to get interesting again and people’s attention got really focused on the underground in terms of what was to come. I took the foundation that I had already built from doing all these other styles of music and really hammered it into trying to do the best stuff I could. A few years later, I’m still trying hard to do my best stuff every day, but I’ve come a long way and made my project a little bigger!

You have previously released music under your own name, Julien Earle, but have since started releasing new material under the name r3flection. What prompted this change and what can fans expect to hear under this alias?

This project represents everything I learned, all my influences, everything I want to do. It’s a “reflection” of everything I’ve ever consumed or wanted to do artistically. It’s also to separate my new and different ideas from videos and techno and keep them under one umbrella where you know it’s me Julien, but it’s also a different guy if that makes sense. I’m Julien, but my buddy r3flection. You really have to meet him.

The release of “Fix My H3art” marked the beginning of this new journey. Can you share what the production process was like behind this track?

This track is the first entry in the project, and it’s a new style for me. The genus is called 808 House. If you know you know. For me, creating a whole new genre from scratch isn’t very interesting, but it’s more interesting to take what’s going on, develop it, and hopefully take it to places no one else knows. no one else thought. This is house 808.

You can play it alongside all the Tech House and Piano House or even the Techno that people love, but when “Fix My H3art” comes along, you know it’s r3flection and you can’t mistake it for someone. another. So I could talk all day about the production techniques I’ve used, but that’s really just one tool I’ve used here to achieve the goals I’ve detailed above.

Not only is r3fection your new alias, but it also shares the name of your newly created fingerprint. What led you to create this new imprint and do you intend to include the work of other artists?

The goal of the label is simple: I want to do things that other labels just don’t care about, but I know there’s an audience for it. The principle I live by is that if you like something, there are at least 1,000 other people on the internet who will like it too. Even if it’s not as well produced as the bigger labels or something like that.

That being said, don’t get me wrong. r3flection’s standard of quality is as hard to match as any of the biggest labels, but we’ll take the chance and use the same promotional resources as those big labels to make sure the world hears it if they deserve it. . and it is quality. More artists will be released soon, we are having remix contests and I will open demos before the end of the year.

Julien Earle / reflection

In addition to your own work, you’ve helped develop other artists’ production abilities with your videos on YouTube. When did you decide to use this platform as a way to teach others and are there any specific videos you recommend we watch?

For me, it all really comes down to the Lo-fi house. I spent a few years being a big fan of YouTube, literally watching it all day while producing, and I really understood how it worked. I realized that there were almost no Lofi House tutorials, so that was my calling. I ended up expanding into other genres and here we are. It’s really about making the videos that I wish I had seen when I started.

In 2013 I WISHED someone would do a Burial tutorial, or a Flying Lotus tutorial, or a Tessella tutorial – and five years later, when those things still didn’t exist, I realized I had to to be the one to research these leads and do my best job of explaining what i learn from them so everyone can have those videos i was dying for at the time and eventually the production can be an easier process to learn and the overall quality of the track can be improved. Check out my first video on how to make Lofi House for a nice pre-crazy throwback trip Julien. [Laughs]

Finally, now that your new alias and label are known to the world, what goals do you hope to achieve in 2022 and beyond?

First of all, I’m going to keep working on these tracks, both on my own techno releases and on r3flection, and keep showing the world. I won’t stop until r3flection earns the space it deserves in this game. I’m also going to keep making videos every day so it doesn’t stop anytime soon. Also working on a secret project but the world will find out very soon. Thank you for!

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