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Where once the musical aspirations of many lay in the desire to pick up a guitar or get behind the drums, the rise of DJ-as-rock-star has seen an ever-growing wave of electronic music fans young and old. wanting to go behind the bridges.

Whether you’re waiting for the drop of an icon at a major dance music festival, discovering the crazy skills of a DJ in a global DJ competition or just admiring how your friend is having the party at home in the palm of his hand as he creates tracks in a garden, becoming a DJ is something that many truly aspire to.

Of course, the most difficult question at this stage of the dream is: ‘how to start exactly?

Fortunately, there is a simple answer: Pioneer DJ controllers. The Pioneer brand is emblematic of DJ culture and the industry itself. The same commitment to quality that characterizes the production of equipment used by some of the biggest names in the industry is found in equipment accessible to aspiring DJs of all abilities.


Credit: Pioneer DJ

The DDJ-200 is an entry-level two-channel Smart DJ controller that’s easy to use, lightweight, portable, and with a pro-style layout to say the least. This device will help you learn to mix and, if you feel so inclined, to go from an amateur to a real DJ.

To start mixing, connect your smartphone, tablet or Mac/PC and access a variety of software and apps. These include Pioneer’s WeDJ for iPhone/Android, as well as djay, edjing Mix and rekordbox. You can also mix via streaming services such as Beatport, Soundcloud Go+ and TIDAL.

If you use the WeDJ app for iPhone, there are not only tutorial and Pop-Hint features – including operation suggestions and a DJ glossary – but a Transition FX with 11 effect styles that will have you mastering this crossfader in no time.


DJJ 400
Credit: Pioneer DJ

Ready to take it to the next level? Take it to the next level with Pioneer’s DDJ-400, a two-channel DJ controller for rekordbox. Inheriting the layout and essence of a professional setup – including beat sync, beat effects, memory cue, loop section, jog wheel, play/pause/cue, performance, mixer selection, EQ, tempo slider, filter, and headphone monitoring – you’ll soon feel right at home performing in the club’s DJ booths.

Features of the lightweight and portable DDJ-400 include a rekordbox DJ license key and built-in tutorials; a selection of tracks perfect for your next mix depending on the era, the mood or the association; plus the ability to save and upload to KUVO, Mixcloud, and YouTube to share with friends and potential fans.


DJ 800
Credit: Pioneer DJ

OK, let’s go pro. The DDJ-800 two-channel performance DJ controller for rekordbox is a professional DJ setup designed to go anywhere.

Again, this is a portable unit that also inherits the club-style layout and popular features of Pioneer’s amazing DDJ-1000 unit, including Color On Jog displays and integrates it all into a lighter body of 1.3 kg than its older brother.

Playing on this controller feels like a professional NXS2 setup, with its knobs, buttons and faders laid out the same way as Pioneer’s standard CDJ and DJM gear. It contains all the features of the DDJ-400, plus a microphone feedback reducer, two independent microphone units, high-definition LCD displays, cue scope, artwork display, 14 beat FX, 16 pads of performance and four sound color effects, not to mention the ability to fit into larger setups so you can control channel faders, trims and EQs from turntables, media players and other outboard gear.

Sound can also be manipulated from external sources using software effects when the controller is connected to a Mac/PC running rekordbox.

As none other than Armin van Buuren said of Pioneer gear, “The creative opportunities keep growing. Only your imagination will stop you.

The legendary Carl Cox agrees.

“I have so much fun on these players. You always have to have some artistry for what you do as a DJ there’s no blueprint what I play or what I do I basically throw them into the mix like I always have done but I have the item now to be able to cut, edit, backspin… to tell the story of what’s in my mind, and what may come out of my mind based on the creativity of [Pioneer] units. I’m not afraid to cross the line with what we do, and these players give the opportunity to do that, if you choose to do so.

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