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From sparklers and flamethrowers to thousands of heads bowed in prayer, Winter Jam 22 welcomed members of the community to listen to various Christian musicians perform.

The free concert took place at the Bryce Jordan Center on Friday, although attendees were encouraged to donate $10 upon admission.

Acts included Skillet, Tauren Wells, KB, Colton Dixon, I Am They, NewSong, Shane Pruitt, Abby Robertson and Bayside Worship, according to the tour’s website.

Additionally, actor Kevin Quinn – with notable roles in Disney Channel’s “Bunk’d” and the movie “A Week Away” – sang his latest single, “It’s About Time.”

During the PreJam, Bayside Worship performed, followed by Abby Robertson and Megan Duke.

“Let it go for God,” Duke said.

Abby Robertson sang her new single ‘Without Your Love’ before a Liberty University spokesperson spoke to the audience.

I Am They kicked off the show with their song “Faithful God.”

“Look at you all beautiful humans,” said Matthew Hein of I Am They.

The band went on to play four more songs before DJ GBaby took the stage for his intro.

NewSong followed the promotion of CONQER MUSIC – a minority-owned music and video platform “based on biblical principles”, the CONQER website said.

The band NewSong added a bit of country to the night of worship.

“External vocals only,” said a NewSong member.

Colton Dixon joined NewSong on stage for a combined performance of “Arise my Love.”

A spokesperson for Who’s Your One asked the public if they know “anyone who doesn’t know God”.

“We have something that Amazon cannot offer – the love of Jesus Christ,” the spokesperson said.

When KB entered the scene, the BJC bumps.

KB began rapping his hits like “Not Today Satan” and finished with the much-loved “Church Clap.”

During his set, KB asked the audience if he had been the victim of “generational criticism” on social media and in real life.

Christain Hip Hop artist KB preforms his set at Winter Jam, the self-proclaimed “Greatest Christian Music Tour” on Friday, March 4, 2022, at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pennsylvania.

Often, says KB, the faith of the younger generation is challenged by older generations.

“Let’s go pump your fists and jump your feet,” KB said. “We are right here.”

During “Church Clap”, KB asked the audience to create a “historic ride”, “lose [their] spirits” and “shake the building”.

KB ended their performance with the song “100” along with a short rap.

“My happy wife, Jesus loves me,” KB said. “I have nothing left to conform to.”

Another Liberty University spokesperson spoke about the university and said he knows “the one thing that can bring generations together.”

“It’s ‘Fireflies’ from Owl City,” he said during the song’s opening notes.

After “Fireflies,” evangelism speaker Shane Pruitt discussed the idea of ​​having a purpose in life.

Pruitt said “the word of God is Jesus” and asked the audience to “repent [their] sins” with them.

“Jesus is a better savior than we are sinners,” Pruitt said.

Tauren Wells danced on stage alongside his Christian pop songs.

After performing “Hills and Valleys,” Wells said “Thank You, Jesus” as he gazed up at the ceiling.

Another spokesperson for Compassion International, a humanitarian aid organization, shared his story with the adoption and sponsorship of a child in Kenya.

Compassion International volunteers distributed flyers to interested members of the public.

For those who made the first month’s deposit to sponsor a child, they were able to attend a special post-event “outing” with John Cooper, lead singer of Skillet.

During intermission, 14-year-old Ella Whyssler said her group of high school kids from Mount Union, Pennsylvania attended the concert together.

“Everything is so lively and energetic,” Whyssler said. “It’s like being with my second family.”

To begin the second half of the performance, Colton Dixon once again took the stage to perform, followed by Abby Robertson.

Dixon Winter Jam

Singer-songwriter Colton Dixon performs at Winter Jam, the self-proclaimed “greatest tour in Christian music,” Friday, March 4, 2022, at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pennsylvania.

NewSong’s Russ Lee shared the tour story – and mentioned that the band’s next location will be in Cleveland, Ohio.

“How many of you know that the people of Ohio need Jesus? Lee said. “Don’t hate them, pray for them.”

For the finale, Skillet brought energy to BJC as everyone stood up as the members entered the stage.

“Looks like you guys are ready to rock and roll,” Cooper said.

As the guitarists’ platforms rose and fell, fire erupted from the machines behind Cooper and the drummer.

During Skillet’s performance of his latest album “Dominion”, Cooper had fog machines strapped to his wrists.

“A lot of people have asked us why we named our album ‘Dominion,'” Cooper told the audience. “Because it looks sick.”

As the rest of Skillet’s band members left the stage, Cooper stayed onstage to discuss social media issues forcing young children to “deny” their spiritual “truths.”

“Parents, your children are being molested seven days a week,” Cooper said. “God is the only one who should make the rules.”

Cooper continued to discuss the “false ideologies” presented to young audiences on social media.

After Skillet’s performance, the hosts ended the concert with a prayer.

“It’s not just a concert,” Lee said. “It’s a spiritual movement.”


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