Find of the week: a player from the 60s “Grandma’s Couch”

This week’s Reverb find is a truly eye-catching guitar sporting a one-of-a-kind finish. Some colors stop you in your tracks, metaphorically speaking. We literally stopped scrolling when we saw this. And after some research, we discovered that there was a unique production technique behind this weird guitar.

Prior to creating unique guitar designs in the 60s, Zerosette produced popular accordion models of the era. Picking up on techniques incorporated into the construction of these folk instruments, Zerosette guitars often featured quirky parts and finishes like pearlescent and push buttons. The company then branched out with several different brand names, like the JG line featured in this list.

However, what stood out to us the most, and probably stood out to you, was the bold finish included in the model. Reverb vendor Guitar Maniacs describes it as “grandma’s couch” in the listing, which is fitting. But this guitar was at least meant to present psychedelic imagery. In fact, this style of guitar was called the “first psychedelic guitar” in his 60s catalogs.

How they accomplished psychedelia is perhaps disputed. If you look closely you will be able to see that it is actually a stretched paisley patchwork fabric over the semi-hollow body – not a paint job – and that the fabric has been lacquered. Like a clear plastic cover on grandma’s pretty couch.

Besides the guitar’s design, the listing notes that this model is “lightweight and resonant…[the guitar has been] upgraded to Grover tuners and seems to be missed.” So it’s both a viewer and a player.

Be sure to check out the full list and make the seller an offer on this distant gem if you’re interested.

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