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Eighth Note Count Andy Curran Returns With Desire for nothing.

Desire for nothing is a new group with old Dash guitarist Alex Lifeson and Coney hatch bassist and founding member, Andy Curran, and singer/songwriter Maiah Wynne. Desire for nothing published their eponymous debut album, which also features acclaimed producer/engineer Alfio Annibalini, April 8, via Kscope. The 11-track disc ricochets between various shades of alternative, experimental and synthesized rock, throwing surprises at every turn and twisting dark melodies against contemporary pop hooks.

With Desire for nothingCurran, aka the “Count of Eighth Notes” in his native Canada, introduces a broader style of play to the well-documented rock-solid offense he carved out with Coney hatch. The album’s first single, Liar, for example, features Curran’s driving fuzz bass, anchored by industrial beats and surrounded by Lifeson’s atmospheric guitars. This musical mix concocts a seductive whirlwind indeed – enthralling in a way closer to the darker art rock of Depeche Mode, Nine inch nailsand A perfect circle than anything these musicians were known for before. According to Curran, it was Wynne’s haunting melodies and jaw-dropping intensity that really brought Desire for nothing live. “I sent an early version of the song Shadow“, explains Curran. “When I replayed what she did to others, they were like, ‘Who is this insanely talented person?'”

BGM recently sat down with Curran to chat about Envy of None, their songwriting and recording techniques, and of course, their bass gear (pictured below). He also discussed his ongoing collaboration with Unisonfund to collect charity print, the proceeds of which help provide emergency financial support to Canadian music creators. You can find out more about it by visiting him directly online @ https://andycurranmusic.com/bio/.

Check out the official video of look inside: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF-lfYi7DXk

Check out the official video of Liar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV-IZRh22mo

Learn more about Desire for nothing in line @ https://envyofnone.com/


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