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Take a classic song, play it on a classical guitar and you create the opportunity for the magic to happen. And that’s exactly what Canadian guitarist Emma Rush did. Rush covered the famous classic “Both Sides Now”, written by fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell, a version she is now releasing as a new single.

“I recorded an album called ‘Canadiana’ where I paid my heartfelt tribute to some of the great Canadian songwriters and performers such as Gordon Lightfoot and Stan Rogers. One song I didn’t include was a ballad iconic. I had always loved “Both Sides Now” so I thought of recording it as a single in a sensitive and melancholy way to interpret the song as I felt it, “says Emma Rush with her choice of sound. song.

Emma Rush started late as a guitarist, or at least what she considers late, “I didn’t start playing guitar until I was 19. I played other instruments so I had an understanding. and a knowledge of music. I started out like everyone else probably, trying to play the current songs on a steel string guitar, rock songs and pop songs. I wasn’t very good at it. so I wasn’t interested. Then one night I went to a classical guitar concert at Mohawk College and a light came on and I knew what I wanted to do. And she never looked in. back.

Emma Rush is passionate about bringing classical music to unusual spaces and bringing unusual music to classical spaces. She regularly tours rural, remote and other communities where live musical experiences are scarce. His concerts are intimate and engaging, featuring rarely heard historical works, little-known gems of the Latin American guitar repertoire, folk music from around the world and, always, music by female composers.

Listen to “Both Sides Now” here:

Composers are eager for Emma Rush to perform their music and she has had works dedicated to her by Canadian composers William Beauvais and Timothy Phelan, Mexican composer Winy Kellner and Jaime Zenamon from Brazil. Rush is excited to expand the catalog of Canadian guitars and has commissioned new works from Amy Brandon, Dale Kavanagh, Jeffrey McFadden and Craig Visser.

Emma Rush is a passionate collaborator. In addition to his activities with Azuline Duo, Rush gives Guitar Magic concerts with acoustic guitarist James Bryan (Philosopher Kings, Prozzak). The two perform high-energy sets that showcase classical and fingerstyle guitar playing and how the two can come together. Rush toured with Canadian guitarist Timothy Phelan and German guitarist Eva Beneke.

Rush is an award-winning artist and was a winner of the Columbus International Guitar Competition and the Great Lakes Guitar Competition. She received three City of Hamilton Arts Awards. Her work has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Hamilton City Enrichment Fund and FACTOR.

Rush completed his graduate studies at the Hochschule für Musik in Detmold, Germany (2006), after an Honors Bachelor of Music degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (2002).

Over the past 10 years or more, Emma Rush has established herself as one of Canada’s foremost classical guitarists. She is well known for her innovative style and magnetic stage presence. Her tone and sound combined with flawless technique are all part of the Emma Rush experience.

“I love the guitar I have now, it’s made by Jeremy Clark, 52 Instrument Company, in Montreal. The tone, the feel, everything about the guitar makes me feel like an extension of me.

Emma Rush’s concert career gained global recognition with touring highlights that included touring four cities in China, starting with the Shanghai Altamira International Guitar Festival, appearances at major guitar festivals. including the Lagos de Moreno Guitarras Festival (Mexico), the Nyköping Gitaarseminarium (Sweden), and a prestigious concert at the Internationales Gitarren Symposion, Iserlohn (Germany). She performs frequently in Europe and tours throughout North America. In 2016-2017, she toured extensively in Eastern Canada as a Debut Atlantic artist. She performs regularly as Azuline Duo with flautist Sara Traficante and in 2018-19 the duo toured western Canada through the Yukon, British Columbia and Alberta. Rush appeared in the McMichael Gallery’s documentary Group of Seven Guitar Project alongside renowned guitarists such as Bruce Cockburn, Jesse Cook and Don Ross. In 2018, Rush completed two creation and research residencies at Sointula Art Shed in British Columbia and Lübeck, Germany.

Emma Rush is eager to bring classical music to places and spaces you wouldn’t normally expect and to bring original styles of music to classic places and spaces. In a way, looking at the music “from both sides now”.

Currently, Rush is reserving dates and filling out his calendar for 2022, which includes a VIP invitation to perform at Future Echoes in Nyköping, Sweden, as a special guest on a Meet the Canadians show. More shows will be announced shortly with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

This refreshing take on “Both Sides Now” along with the other songs from her album Canadiana is a must have for any music lover’s library. You can buy it or find out more about Emma Rush on her website here: www.emma-rush.com.

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