Elmwood Adds AP Calculus, Digital Photography Course | Community


JERRY CITY – Elmwood High School is working to increase the rigor of the courses it offers, according to Principal Ty Traxler.

At the December board meeting, Traxler said the district will start offering the AP calculation next year.

He said few of his teachers are certified to teach College Credit Plus courses, but they strive to be able to offer AP courses.

Juniors and seniors who complete the one-year AP calculation from the 2022-2023 school year will be able to receive college credits if they perform well on the AP exam, he said.

Teachers are also working to offer AP History and AP English the following year, Traxler said.

Responding to a question from Board member Debbie Reynolds, Superintendent Tony Borton said teachers are not paid financially to teach AP courses as per their contract.

“The good thing about AP is that you don’t need a lot of extra training for your teachers,” Traxler said.

Additional changes including offering an FFA leadership course.

The course is designed to equip FFA officers with the necessary tools to improve their own leadership skills, in accordance with the program description approved by the Board of Directors. Students will learn professional development and interview techniques as well as how to best influence others. This one-year course is intended for students in grades 10-12.

The Jazz Orchestra was once an after-school group, but next year it will be offered as a credit course. Electric bass, piano and electric guitar will be auditioned by non-band members only if no band member is available to play them. This is a performance based class with performances during and after school. The class is aimed at students in Grades 9 to 12, but can extend to Grade 8, Traxler said.

Students who take the above three courses will earn credit

Additional changes including offering Foundational Computer Science as a College Credit Plus class.

The course is designed to introduce computer concepts and their use in a professional environment. Topics include ethics, social media, organizing files, an introduction to word processing and spreadsheets, and using the Internet. The Microsoft Office suite will be included in lessons during the one-semester course aimed at students in Grades 10-12. They will earn 0.33 high school credits.

A Global Foods Class will allow students to compare cuisines, ingredients and preferred cooking methods from various cultures. The influences of regional and cultural traditions and perspectives on food choices and culinary practices will be highlighted. The course is aimed at students in grades 9 to 12, lasts one semester and offers 0.50 credits.

Students taking a personal wellness course will analyze physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth for a healthy lifestyle. The focus will be on lifelong well-being by managing stress through relaxation, physical activity and sleep. The course is aimed at students in grades 10-12, lasts one semester and offers 0.50 credits.

An interior design, furnishings and management course will teach design principles used in residential interiors. Emphasis will be placed on the integration of anthropometry, ergonomics and psychological responses. Additional topics will include the selection and organization of furniture, floors and wall coverings in living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms. The course, which will last one semester, is aimed at students in grades 10-12 and offers 0.50 credits

Digital photography, which was once part of the art curriculum, will be placed among business and technology courses and will be worth 0.50 credits, Traxler said.

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of composing a photo with subjects such as nature, still life, and people. Adobe Photoshop will also be taught and students will showcase their work at the Spring Art Exhibition. A digital portfolio will be created and maintained during this one-semester course for students in Grades 10-12.


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