Electro-Harmonix releases its iconic Deluxe Memory Man analog delay in nano form


Electro-Harmonix has unveiled a pedal-friendly version of its popular Deluxe Memory Man delay pedal, which aims to bundle all of the brand’s analog delay and modulation tones into a compact chassis – meet the Nano Deluxe Memory Man.

Taking cues from the original 1980 Deluxe version of the Memory Man – which sported a rather bulky size – the Nano iteration seeks to deliver uncompromising delay sounds reminiscent of its predecessor by including faithful specs and modern tweaks.

Fans of the DMM are no doubt familiar with its enduring presence in the modern music world, having been used by a battalion of guitarists such as Robert Smith, Ed O’Brien and The Edge – who used it on U2. bloody sunday sunday, among many other avenues.

Right off the bat, the Nano DMM sports four control knobs found on the original – Level, Blend, Feedback, and Delay – which are used to tweak the effects of the unit. While Level adjusts the input gain, the Blend knob acts as a Wet / Dry mix control.

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Electro-Harmonix Nano Deluxe Memory Man

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Electro-Harmonix Nano Deluxe Memory Man

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Electro-Harmonix Nano Deluxe Memory Man

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In operation, the modulation of the pedal is produced by sweeping the delay time with a repeating LFO, with a fully angled Blend control evoking thick vibrato tones, or thick chorus sounds when generously dialed.

The Feedback control, on the other hand, dictates the number of echo repetitions until the galloping oscillation, with the Delay knob controlling, well, the delay – more precisely, it selects between 30ms and 550ms of delay time. delay. This is more than the 300ms limit found on the original DMM.

As for the delay, an easily accessible internal switch can be triggered to turn the delay tails on or off, with true bypass switching when the tail has been disengaged.

This time around, EHX also introduced two new control knobs – Rate and Depth – in place of the original two-in-one Chorus / Vibrato control.

Included for improved modulation control, Rate controls the speed of the effect, while Depth determines the amount of modulation added to the delayed sound.

Two separate LED indicators are built in, one acting as an overload sign that kicks in when the signal entering the delay block is too hot. The other is a simple visual On / Off aid.

Of course, the highlight is really the size of the pedal – all of the aforementioned tones are compressed into a 4.5 “by 2.75” chassis, which means that unlike its older brother, the Nano Deluxe Memory Man will not increase competition for bottom bracket real estate.

Other notable appointments include high input impedance to preserve pedal tone, as well as a steady nine-volt power input.

The Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Nano is available now for $ 203.

To learn more, visit Electro-Harmonix.

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