Drumming to the Rhythm of the Vikings — GameTyrant

As a fan of rhythm games, dating back to the early days of Guitar Hero, I have been following the music game scene coming out. While not all of them are amazing, the transition to VR has brought us some great titles. the last of which was Ragnarock VR by WanadevStudio. This game puts you in the shoes of a Viking and plays viking rock music. While it was originally released in 2021, before I bought myself an HTC Vive, it’s now part of the France-based VR bundle on Steam so I wanted to take a moment to review it.

This game really lets you down, gives you a wall of songs to choose from, and lets you learn how to play yourself. I didn’t see any tutorials or starting areas, so if I was new to the music gaming scene, it might have been a bit confusing to begin with. Fortunately, I adapted well to it and just went ahead and chose a song from the initial list.

When deciding which song to choose, there are three difficulties for each song. You will select the difficulty to actually start the song. While the easiest difficulty is a 1, the hardest is a 10. I started with a 6 personally, but this is all an aspect of preference and will be something new players can grow with as they progress. they improve in the game.

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