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Loans and Credits in Dynacredit Online

Loans and Credits in Dynacredit Solocitar Online is a young company that focuses on the granting of microcredits and is owned by the “Group Credit Flash” group of companies in Barcelona. Here you can get fast short term credit in the amount of up to 600 euros if you are given a certificate of regular income or pension certificate.

Who has a chance to request a microcredit from this company? Therefore, you have all the possibilities of approval if you are over 21 years old and you are solvent. Then, you can approve the amount of 50 to 600 euros for a maximum of three weeks.

If you have approved the credit, you can get the desired amount, without including the administrative expenses of your checking account. If you pay the loan in three weeks, the organization will not take you to the additional costs or fees.

Apply is very simple, you just have to fill out a special form in During the application, please read paragraph 3.3 credit conditions.

The most important – You must be a debit account in any Spanish bank and your DNI (or NIE).

Attention, if you have debts from previous loans with other credit institutions, the company has the right to reject you. gives money only to those who address them for the first time.

In addition, you fail to issue a loan if the application of the applicant’s address, which matches the customer-debtor’s address.

So that you know, all the data about the borrowers are included in the General Register of the Data Protection Agency in Spain. It is perfectly legitimate that your data can be used for administrative purposes.

You can read the General Credit Conditions, which are on the company’s website. However, if your wish, you can send document to your email.

It is advisable to remind you that if you have taken a loan in dynacredit, you must pay the entire amount within 21 days of expiration. If for some reason you can return the money only on the last day of your term, the amount credited to the account the next day. Therefore, you have to pay the entire amount on the same day in order to avoid debts.

Keep in mind that your application can be tested on any day in Equifax credit database, in order to avoid the risk of the loan to the client, who already has a debt.

It must be said that in Spain it does not act so much that it issued microcredits. As you can notice, we do not have a selection of clients with conditions, there are only the minimum necessary conditions. Therefore, the organization can feel a great solution if you urgently need to deal with financial difficulties.

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