Boy Scouts – “Lots to ask”


Oakland musician Taylor Vick’s project Boy Scouts releases new album Wayfinder next week. Its title is inspired by Sallie Tisdale’s book Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them): A Practical Perspective on Death and Death, which made Vick reflect on his relationship with music. “All my life, music has been a crucial part of my identity and my relationship with the world,” she says. “The act of making music has been my guide for the past year or so.”

We heard a few songs from Wayfinder already including the 5 best songs of the week worthy of “That’s Life Honey” and “Didn’t I”. Now we get the charming “A Lot To Ask”, a warmly bittersweet song with an acoustic guitar covered in organ washes. “I don’t want to do it like that, but / being myself is a lot to ask,” Vick sings on the track.

“I’ve always been quite uncomfortable with conflict and generally avoid it at all costs,” she explains. “Until recent years, that also meant not acknowledging or wanting to examine my own problems. It meant a lot of pain and pain to face these feelings, to feel like a burden and to be obsessed with the question of “why am I like this!” Instead of understanding that people can change, the problems we face can be our greatest teachers, and this vulnerability is not synonymous with weakness! Listen below.

Wayfinder came out 10/1 via Anti-. Pre-order it here.

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