Best concerts in Phoenix this weekend: Paul Oakenfold, Decadon, Valley Fever’s Rooster Club



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Electronic dance music icon Paul Oakenfold.

Scott ramsay

Just because it’s the summer heatwave doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do in the valley. Notable gigs will take place this weekend, including a concert by metal / hard rock band Great White and the return of regular live music to The Lost Leaf.

You can also stay up late to party with legendary DJs like Paul Oakenfold or wake up early to celebrate the anniversary of Arizona’s Sunday morning liquor ban being lifted during Valley Fever’s. Rooster Club at Dirty Drummer.

Details on each of these events can be found below. And for even more live music happening in the valley, hit up Phoenix New Timesnew and improved online concert calendar.

Click to enlarge The Lost Leaf near Roosevelt Row in downtown Phoenix.  - LOST SHEET

The Lost Leaf near Roosevelt Row in downtown Phoenix.

Lost leaf


Friday July 30

The Lost Leaf, 914 North Fifth Street

Local indie / garage rock band The MadCaPs is part of the Roosevelt Row lore. Returning to the heyday of First Friday in the early 2000s, they gave guerrilla-style concerts in the back of a pickup truck that slowly circled the monthly art rides in downtown Phoenix. This weekend, the band adds another chapter to their story by helping The Lost Leaf resume their concert schedule. The MadCaPs performance on Friday night will mark the first time in more than 16 months that the popular beer and wine bar regularly hosts bands or musicians. Local groups Beekeeper and Spiritual Warfare and Shadows will open. Music starts at 9 p.m. and admission is free. Benjamin leatherman

Large White

Friday July 30

Marquee Theater, 730 North Mill Avenue, Tempe

Veteran blues-rock band Great White made their debut in 1977, at the start of the LA hard rock scene. Their 1982 debut EP, Out of the Night, quickly established itself in the local radio market and its audiences grew dramatically and rapidly. Throughout the 1980s the band had a handful of radio hits starting with their groundbreaking 1987 album, Once bitten … with the singles “Rock Me” and “Save Your Love”.

Anyone interested in the group has likely heard of the tragic fire at a nightclub in Rhode Island on February 20, 2003, and the pain and anguish that followed the survivors of those who died. in the fire as well as the group, whose guitarist Ty Longley was also lost in the tragedy. Often mistakenly mocked, it was an event that haunts the group to this day.

Over the years, Great White has endured breakups, roster changes, and legal battles between members for the rights to its name which have resulted in two different groups. (In 2013, a court ruled that original frontman Jack Russell might have his own fragmented version of Great White.) This weekend, the other version of Great White currently being led by singer Mitch Malloy and featuring the guitarists Mark Kendall and Michael Lardie, drummer Audie Desbrow, and bassist Scott Snyder will be heading to the Marquee Theater in Tempe. Hard rock / metal bands Color of Chaos, Sweet Mess, The Brett Michaels Experience and Doubleblind will open their doors. The concert starts at 7:30 pm Tickets are $ 30 for general admission and $ 60 for balcony access. Tom murphy


Friday July 30

Aura Nightclub, 411 South Mill Avenue, Tempe

Denver-born DJ / producer / guitarist Decadon specializes in punchy electronic dance music in the dubstep vein. Endless waves of bass and thudding throughout his heavy mixes, punctuated by roaring guitar riffs that he releases from his six strings. He tends to put subwoofers and PA systems to the test during his sets, in which Decadon works with both his DJ equipment and his guitar. Friday night, members of “Dontourage” will invade Aura Nightclub in Tempe for their latest Valley performance. Doors are at 9 p.m. General admission is $ 20 and VIP access is $ 30. Benjamin leatherman

Click to enlarge Paul Oakenfold returns to the valley on Saturday.  - TONY NUNGARAY / CC BY-SA 2.0 / FLICKR

Paul Oakenfold returns to the valley on Saturday.

Paul Oakenfold

Saturday July 31

Marquee Theater, 730 North Mill Avenue, Tempe

Paul Oakenfold’s place in the history of DJs is assured. Widely regarded as a godfather of electronic dance music, the British-born mixmaster has influenced countless artists and helped shape EDM culture over the past four decades. During this time he also sold millions of records, topped the charts, was named in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful DJ of all time, and gave concerts around the world. It even performed at the top of the Great Wall of China, in the heart of Argentina’s rainforests and at the foot of Mount Everest.

So what’s next for the EDM pioneer? We wouldn’t be surprised if he even surpasses himself by one day winning a concert aboard the International Space Station. Until then, Oakenfold will be spending the time doing what he does best in venues around the world, including his Saturday night set at Tempe’s Marquee Theater. The show starts at 9 p.m. and Blklght will open. General admission is $ 40 and balcony seating is $ 60. Benjamin leatherman

Re: Sound Music & Friends: from days to nights

Saturday July 31
From the rooftop, 222 East Portland Street

When Kamel Omais, better known as Dead-Tones, steps up behind a mixer, the Parisian DJ / producer of electronic dance music has a penchant for weaving ethereal, melodic deep house with synths, basses and dances. ‘other elementary grooves to create haunting soundscapes. In other words, it’s a perfect fit for Re: Sound Music & Friends, the local EDM series brought to you by UK DJ / producer Michael Hooker and his eponymous label that features artists who prioritize house art from a deep perspective. , melodic and evocative nature. Omais will fill the night air of the Cambria Hotel’s rooftop bar on Saturday night with the final Re: Sound Music & Friends session, which begins at 7 p.m. Locals Hoody Hoo, Nacim and Yahra will also be performing. General admission is $ 20. Benjamin leatherman

Click to enlarge The dirty drummer in Phoenix.  - LAUREN CUSIMANO

The dirty drummer in Phoenix.

Lauren Cusimano

Valley Fever Rooster Club

Sunday August 1

The Dirty Drummer, 2303 North 44th Street

As regressive and arbitrary as the Arizona state legislature may be, it reached a moment of clarity in 2010 when it repealed our state’s restrictive blue laws, which prohibited the sale of alcohol on the Sunday before. 10 a.m. (Historically, the idea behind the laws, which dates back to colonial times, immoral activities such as gambling and buying alcohol should not be allowed on Sundays, for obvious religious reasons.)

And when those laws hit the books 11 years ago, local country music DJ and Valley Fever founder Dana Armstrong celebrated their repeal with friends at an early morning affair called the Rooster Club, which usually starts at 6 a.m. every year since and will do it again Sunday morning at his East Phoenix bar, The Dirty Drummer. This year’s edition will feature performances by local bands Flathead and Mario Moreno and the Ramblers, as well as sets from Armstrong’s DJs. Bloody Marys and breakfast burritos will be available for purchase. The party starts at 6 a.m. and admission is free. Stéphanie Chen and Benjamin Leatherman

Click to enlarge Maya Jane Coles is scheduled to perform at the Sunbar in Tempe on Sunday.  - MAYA JANE COLES FACEBOOK

Maya Jane Coles is scheduled to perform at the Sunbar in Tempe on Sunday.

Maya jane coles

Sunday August 1

Sunbar Tempe, 24 West Fifth Street, Tempe, 480-687-8409

Over the past decade, Maya Jane Coles has become a major phenomenon in the world of electronic dance music. The London-born DJ / producer has been recognized as one of the hottest DJs on the planet by everyone from Rolling Stone to Resident Advisor, and has performed at major festivals including Coachella, Miami’s Ultra and Detroit’s Movement.

Coles has won fans on both sides of the pond and on both sides of the underground / mainstream divide with a slew of 12 inch EPs and singles on highly respected dance music labels such as 20:20 Vision and Mobilee. , as well as doing remix work for Florence + the Machine and Little Dragon. She is due to perform at the Sunbar in Tempe on Sunday evening with the support of local DJs Michelle Sparks and Mullen. Tickets for the 9 p.m. show are $ 25. Minor Matt


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