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Poor Spencer Elden. Not only does the guy have to live with his “unauthorized” baby photo on the cover of Nirvana’s groundbreaking record no matter – the image has now been immortalized in the streets of Adelaide via the Strava GPS exercise tracker.

In case you missed it, no matter, one of the greatest guitar albums ever made, turned 30 on Friday (are you already feeling old?), but the anniversary was soured somewhat by the subject of the cover art which suddenly decided it wasn’t didn’t like her baby body being displayed on the shelves of every record store in the world.

Elden has sued the surviving members of the punk power trio – drummer Dave Grohl, now of Foo Fighters, and bassist Krist Novoselic – and the estate of the late frontman Kurt Cobain, along with a number of other defendants, for sexual exploitation. .

Regardless of the merits of Elden’s claim, this remains an iconic cover on an iconic album, and “the occasional Strava artist” Peter Stokes decided to celebrate the monument by walking 150 miles to sketch the outlines of “baby Nirvana. “through Adelaide, South Australia. The result can be seen here.

He said Goalkeeper Australia that he imposes images on the mapping software, then follows the route on his bike, adding: “Nirvana has a place in my record collection … When this album came out, I was in high school – I was about 14, and that’s when you form your love of music. “

no matter certainly fits the bill as “formative” for many. Until then, no one had linked pop hooks to raging punk / metal instrumentation like Cobain and Co, which stumbled across a sound that the media referred to as “grunge.” The tag took off as an easily packaged and marketable genre on its own, although other bands tared with the label rarely sounded the same – compare Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains, for example.

The second album cemented Nirvana as one of the greatest bands of the early ’90s – a second coming of the Beatles. The sensitive and introverted Cobain couldn’t cope with the strains of celebrity and committed suicide in 1994. Worse yet, an indirect result of grunge is that we’ve had to endure the tasteless schlock rock of Creed and Nickelback for years to come. to come.

Anyway, happy birthday, no matter. We will never see your fellow man again. You can check out more of Stokes’ Strava work – including obligatory animals, dragons and roosters – on his Instagram. ®


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