As I Lay Dying releases new statement regarding Nick Hipa’s departure


As I Lay Dying has officially responded to last month’s announcement that guitarist Nick Hipa has officially left the resurrected California metalcore band. Hipa had not performed with the band led by Tim Lambesis since 2020; the split had been rumored for the following year.

Hipa confirmed his departure on August 31, noting that it was “not an indictment against anyone who chooses to stay or be involved. There is a tremendous good that can be accomplished by focusing particularly on the power of music., this comes at the cost of tolerating behavior that sometimes mistreats, disrespects and hurts others. “

He added, however: “At this point however, it has been well over a year since I moved away from them personally and professionally.” Hipa also said: “The talent and unwavering ambition of the band is undeniable. They will continue to release hit music and do good business. On a human level, I hope everything else will be okay for you. them.”

As I Lay Dying responded on Monday (September 20).

“We have kept a low profile for the past 18+ months to adjust to normal routines of home life as the world tries to navigate the Covid pandemic on its own,” the group said. “It brings us a lot of excitement to see live events coming back with many of our peers and friends coming back to the passion of their lives.”

They continued, “Through this downtime from touring and our creative activity with AILD, we found ourselves thinking about the direction each of us needs to take individually and collectively as a group. patience of our fans and our close community with regard to an official statement from the group on the departure of Nick Hipa from AILD over a year ago. “

The remaining members explained that they “respect Nick’s decision to leave the band and make a new path in life. We will certainly look back with fondness on the many great memories, experiences and accomplishments we have shared together over the years. for years. We will be nothing but we support and encourage all of Nick’s efforts after AILD and we wish him the best for the future. Thank you to our fans for their understanding and we will inform everyone shortly about more. other future projects for AILD. “

Lambesis, the lead singer of As I Lay Dying, made his own remarks on this on September 10, stating: “Being able to have different opinions or priorities but still care deeply about the well-being of a person. other person is something that is often lost in our current climate. I just want to say that I really wish Nick Hipa the best in his next chapter of life, and I am grateful that he wishes me / AILD the same. “

In 2013, Lambesis was arrested for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his then wife, Meggan. Imprisoned and released, he then apologized to his family. He has since pursued studies in social work, training in addiction counseling and tutoring for inmates.

Last year Lambesis burned himself in a bonfire accident for which he was later sued by a woman who claimed to have also been injured in the crash.

While I Lay Dying was on hold from 2014 to 2017, its members eventually joined Lambesis and released the comeback album. Shaped by fire in 2019.

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