Although valued at 5 5 billion, Future PLC, the stronghold of the English media under the radar


Under the radar of the general public but certainly not of London Stock Exchange investors, Future PLC has succeeded in recent years in establishing itself as the economic stronghold of the media and the press in the United Kingdom. With 3,340 million and adjusted operating income of 93,93 million for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2020, the Bing-Thorne district-led company has not lost less than 4.6 billion since 2014. 5.4 Billions of Euro’s). For comparison, the “New York Times” weighs $ 8 billion on the stock market. In future estimates, especially since 2019, what is the reason for such an eruption? Very high growth in turnover (it was already 273 million in the first six months of the current fiscal year), in particular thanks to the frenzy of acquisitions and the ability to combine them with the simple approach of monetization of titles purchased.

The group specializes in the publication of entertainment and entertainment magazines such as Music (“Guitar Player”, “Guitar Techniques” …), Photography (“Digital Camera World” …), Electronic and computer products (“Tech Radar”) . , “Linux”, “Mac Format”, “D3”, “Games Radar”…). But it is also in the themes of the house (“life in the country” …) and the women’s section (“living etc.” …).

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