Alternative radio back “for two evenings only” at Le Floral


WIRRAL music legends Rob and Alan Fennah – aka Alternative Radio – are returning to the Floral Pavilion Blue Lounge later this year for just two nights.

The Brothers have been a leading force in the music business since the early 1980s and are renowned for their ability to create massive “live” sound with just two people.

While awaiting their return to the Floral, Rob told the World today: “We formed in 1981 and I was reminded the other day that it was four decades ago, so I guess it’s a happy accident to do what could be considered a 40th anniversary show.

“Of course the real reason is that Alan and I have new solo albums to release, so doing a few shows to promote them seemed like a good idea.”

The Wallasey-based musician, writer and theater producer continued, “It will be fun to get back on stage to perform again.

“I just hope we still have the energy to play the rapids like we used to.

“We’re of course going to do all the old favorites with a handful of new songs to keep it interesting.”

Alan continued, “During the pandemic we wouldn’t have been able to take the stage – even if we wanted to – so working on our respective solo albums while we were incarcerated kept us busy and out of trouble.

“Rob and I discussed different release dates for the two albums and ultimately decided to release them on the same day, December 1st.”

Rob added: “Alan has his own recording studio while I recorded mine at the Motor Museum studio in Lark Lane.

“It was good to go back; the last was to record the Anfield Rap in 1988, with Liverpool footballers Craig Johnston, John Barnes and the rest of the Red Machine. ”

Rob and Alan Fennah – aka Radio Alternative

Rob also has a message for fans and old buddies. “Tickets sell very well for concerts, so be sure to take your own while you can.”

After leaving Hilbre School in 1975, Rob trained guy with Pete Leay, Kevin Roberts and Les Brians.

Originally called The new attraction, the band played the cabaret circuit in North Wales before signing a major recording contract with RCA Records and achieving huge success in Germany and Japan.

The group broke up in 1981 and Rob continued to train Alternative radio. They signed with EMI Parlophone Records in 1983.

Outside of his work with the band, Rob has written two successful plays, based on the bestselling books by Hoylake author Helen Forrester. Two pence to cross the Mersey and By the waters of Liverpool, accompanied by a completely original piece entitled Lennon’s Banjo.

All three are expected to tour the UK in 2022 and 2023.

Rob also used the lock to start a guitar tutorial channel on YouTube – Fennah Rob –

The channel has over 200 tutorials with Rob and all downloads to go along with the lessons are 100% FREE!

Tickets for alternative radio concerts can be purchased here:

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